1982 Volvo 244 GL 2.3L petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Cheap, reliable, fast. Why ask for more?


- Nothing major as of yet - however I only bought it 4 days ago.

- It leaks a bit of something oily in the morning - however there is always only one drop and we think it might be from the gearbox.

- Coming home recently, the gearbox would not engage into gear. When it eventually did, the car ran extremely rough. After five minutes, the car ran fine again till I got home.

We think this problem might have been due to the reverse gear lock malfunctioning and locking the gearbox.

- The left hand rear seatbelt is terrifically reluctant to engage. It is stuffed.

- It idles both highly and a little roughly - this is nothing cleaning the points and plugs and changing the leads can't fix.

General Comments:

- This is an absolutely spectacular car. It is built like a tank. I feel very safe in it both as a driver and a passenger.

- Don't ever let anyone tell you this car is slow. The 2.3L engine goes like the clappers and accelerates like a dream, in the manual at least. It also has a go forever reputation, and I can testify for that so far.

- Economically wise, I can't complain. It is a family car, so consumption figures of around 10L/100km for city cycle and around 9-9.5L/100km highway is not to be sneezed at for a car this size. With prices at what they are, it takes around $50 to fill a tank.

- It is a good learning car. I found the clutch to be nice and light, as was the accelerator. Four wheel discs stop the car in a hurry.

- The lack of power steering is noticeable, but not annoying.

- I would recommend it as a first car, second car or family car for anyone who is seeking it - a reputation I am sure Volvo drivers everywhere could testify for.

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Review Date: 23rd December, 2007

1982 Volvo 244 DL 2.1 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Most impressive car I have owned, bearing in mind its age


It needed new front shock absorbers when I bought it, and I have had the rubber seal around the windscreen replaced. I also had a wiring problem fixed so the radio/cassette player would work again.

General Comments:

I bought this car very cheap to drive the dog around in. I am impressed by how well it goes for the number of kilometres it has travelled. I am also very impressed by its quality of build - I have had many cars over the years and would say this car is of the highest quality and build. After 24 years and the number of kilometres it has travelled, the seats and the carpets are not worn at all.

This car is by no means a sports car, but considering it bulk, it moves along quite well. It has a three speed automatic transmission which works really well. It will pull up mountains at an acceptable speed, and even when the transmission shifts back to second, it is not uncomfortable and the engine does not roar.

This Volvo with its 2.1 carburettor engine and rear wheel drive, is a basic, easy to use car.

I feel like I have stumbled across one of automotives best kept secrets.

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Review Date: 17th June, 2006

1982 Volvo 244 GL 2.3L from Australia and New Zealand


Amazingly good - regardless of age and mileage


Well, buying this Volvo after the one family owned and well-serviced this car there wasn't much to do!

New tyres, new brake pads, new sparks.

Car seat covers as the originals were JUST starting to wear through.

So impressed that ALL knobs, buttons, controls, electricals still work perfectly.

General Comments:

I initially bought this car as an in-between after my 1970 Merc finally coughed. Now I have sold it to my lad as his first car (Got him in a safe Volvo afterall. Hey, wheels are wheels - he fell for it).

He loves it. Both of us were impressed (and initially shocked :-) at just how strong this little beast was, especially on the Freeway - what a stayer - shocks other drivers as well as they fall behind just as they put on their indicator to overtake you on the hills!

Sure, the lad has scraped the car twice already - one car, one wall - lucky it's a Volvo - minimal impact.

I'm looking for a Volvo wagon for myself now - converted from Merc's for the time being and I have developed a soft spot for the classic Boxy look.

Volvo's are great to drive - you get heaps of space from other drivers, which suits me perfectly, and you never get hassled or bullied for sticking to the speed limit - they expect you to!!

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Review Date: 3rd August, 2005