1982 Volvo 244 GL 2.1 from Colombia


Comfortable and solid


The steering navegates. I thought it was because the old tires so I replaced them. It stills navegates.

The alternator was sending almost 17 volts and damaged the battery.

General Comments:

I drive the car in Bogota at 8,500 ft above sea level. The engine is so underpowered that even small 1000cc oldies like Renaults and Mazda accelerates better.

The car loves gasoline.

The seats are very comfortable.

You feels protected. Is like been in a tank.

Nobody looks at it. The car is ugly, but elegant (mine is black and in perfect conditions)

My friends says that it looks like the car from a very poor country ambassador.

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Review Date: 25th August, 2004

1982 Volvo 244 GL 1.9 petrol from Kenya


A solid tank-like car


The dashboard is cracked due to the sun.

It keeps on developing oil leaks persistently despite the seals being replaced.

Carburettor piston occasionally gets stuck unless carburettor is serviced every fortnight or so.

Windscreen wiper mechanism broke down at around 170,000km.

General Comments:

The car is very slow off the mark.

Good performance at 100km/h plus. I particularly like the roar of the engine.

Solid-it has survived hitting very many things with minimal damage and driving on the famous Kenyan roads (or potholes).

Fairly good brakes.

Tough handling-no power steering.

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Review Date: 4th July, 2003

30th Jul 2003, 07:48

I note that you appear to have a few misgivings about the car, especially with regard to the oil leaks. I can't help, but feel that your mechanic is not servicing it properly, or is not using appropriate seals. My 1977 244 is as dry as a bone. The dashboard is of course covered to take care of the sun.

I share your passion for these old tanks, nothing handles our potholes like an old noisy Volvo!

10th Aug 2003, 04:11

I have a 74 244GL and it drips oil and transmission fluid all over the place. this is my fourth Volvo and the third which has had chronic dripping problems. There are also 3 other Volvo owners in our street (all pre 1980 cars) and the road is stained with oil slicks.

5th Jan 2004, 06:17

Oil leaks from old Volvo engines may be caused (or made worse by) excessive crankcase pressure which forces oil past the seals. There is a short rubber hose attached to the front of the valve-cover (at the top of the engine).The hose connects to a small plastic housing, inside of which is a plastic or metal 'filter' called a 'flame-trap'. Cleaning or replacing this may reduce or eliminate engine oil leaks. Don't be surprised if the 'flame-trap' is missing. They are often removed, but should be replaced because, as the name implies, they are a safety device.

8th May 2008, 03:55

Yes I have had the same problem with oil leaks as well. Not a lot; maybe one drip of gearbox oil and a couple of drips of engine oil every few nights. I think it might just be age and the beginning of the end for your engine (though the end probably won't come for another 200 000kms so you'll be alright).

1982 Volvo 244 GLE 103kw, 2.3L, B23E, naturally aspirated from Australia and New Zealand


A decent performer, a useful all-round all-purpose vehicle, B23E motor is pick of the bunch


The exhaust has rusted out, perfectly normal for 20 year old car, been replaced with 2 inch system.

Had complete clutch servo failure after engine bay caught fire due too bad injector seal.

Interior showing wear, but still presentable.

Headlight reflectors were replaced last year after losing effectiveness due to age.

Air conditioning compressor has been replaced after original lost all effectiveness due to being 18 years old.

General Comments:

My bright yellow 244GLE has the B23E, 103kw motor with fuel injection.

It had some engine modifications recently, with a new exhaust, cylinder head, high compression pistons, and stage 3 camshaft all helping the drivability and performance of the vehicle. With original 103kw output, this 244 already had class-matching performance, and often beat similar age commodores and falcons off the line from (highly irresponsible) traffic light drag races to the posted speed limit. This is due to the GLE's surprisingly low kerb weight of approximately 1.2 tonnes. Estimated power is now in the region of 127-130kw, with 150-155ft/lbs of torque (approx. 200Nm) and this car will cruise comfortably on the unrestricted speed zones in the NT at 160-170kph (100-106mph) all day with 3 passengers, fully loaded boot with luggage and half the rear seat carrying more luggage, without problems. (have had experience here) Will tow a 770kg trailer with a boat at 150kph without straining.

Top speed is above 215kph (128mph) (possibly 230kph (134mph), but speedo ends at 200kph) and while the front spoiler helps stop the car from becoming a domestic air service, it is still rather unstable at speeds above 180kph (approx. 115mph) and probably would not be safe for extended periods above 180.

4 speed manual with electronic overdrive (5th) is quite useful around twisty bits of road, and this vehicle handles with slight understeer unless under full throttle, in which case it produces remarkably controllable power slides. Still no mini cooper S in the handling department, as suspension is rather outdated, although it does have coil springs all round.

This vehicle also stops extremely well thanks to 4 wheel disc brakes and racing compound pads. Brake cooling is assisted by directed airflow from the front spoiler. Although it would be nice, ABS is not really required due to the excellent job these brakes do, and the excellent amount of feel in the brake pedal allows one to hold the braking before the point of complete lockup.

This vehicle has power steering, air conditioning, and heated front seats. Most passengers are impressed by the idea that the clutch is not required in shifts to 5th from 4th and vice versa, due to electronic overdrive. This car can be used as a quiet, refined, comfortable car to take your girlfriend for a gentle scenic drive (once she gets past the idea of being seen in a volvo),will carry anything (for example past loads include full bootload of firewood, sails, masts, and other such awkward gear) or to kick the pants off many 6 cylinder family cars and anything with a 4.2L holden V8 at the traffic light drags. (extensive research done here) Although expensive and socially irresponsible, this vehicle will remain stopped during static wheelspin for as long as the rear tyres hold out. A very spectacular sight, due to most people assuming that Volvos are complete slugs.

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Review Date: 29th October, 2002

1982 Volvo 244 DL 2.1 manual from UK and Ireland


Well built, cheap and comfy!


Nothing was wrong with the car when I had it, just a bit rusty in the boot.

General Comments:

I bought this car for £30 and I'm going to use it for banger racing, not road use!

It had stood for 3 years without moving or having the engine run. I added a battery and away it went, amazing!

It drove home like it had been in use everyday and only had 1 sticking caliper. It's very comfortable, very easy to work on, is logically constructed and quite quick.

Although it's a bit thirsty and the handling is a bit boaty.

Crumple zones in the front and rear don't bode well on the banger track, it's going to get squashed quite easily, not as strong as some people think!

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Review Date: 6th May, 2001