1986 Volvo 245 240 DL 2.3L Gasoline from North America


The 240 was the last REAL Volvo


Majority of air conditioning system replaced each year for the first 7 years.

Ground wire came off in-tank fuel pump around 100,000.

Followed Volvo Maintenance to the letter - Following done during regular service:

Bushings replaced at least twice

Timing belt replaced 3 times

3 complete tune-ups.

Service was very expensive!!

Original Dunlop tires replaced at 38,000

Had total 4 sets of tires

Was towed at least 8 times.

General Comments:

We were pleased with the performance of the car. EPA rated the car at 18 city 21 highway, revised to 21 city 24 highway. We usually got 22 city, much better on the highway.

We never had any problems with driving this car in bad weather, it was wonderful in the snow and very good on ice.

Lights were very easy to replace, as were wiper blades.

The last trip I took was in 1996 from N. of Chicago to central New Mexico. I got 24 mpg at 65 mph, 27 mpg at 70 mph and 29 mpg at 85 mph (legal speed limit on Oklahoma Turnpikes). I felt very conspicuous in New Mexico, out in the middle of nowhere in a Volvo when all the other cars were US made, mostly white pickups.

We took that car everywhere, we never worried about it failing us.

Would I purchase another Volvo? New Front-Drive, NO. If Volvo comes out with a new rear drive, maybe. I still have access to a 1989 245 with only 86,000 miles.

Near the end the car's interior was literally falling apart. The vinyl was starting to tear, I had the car repainted and the rust fixed in 2000. The car seemed tired, and I did not want to put more money into it.

I replaced this car with a 13 year old Mercedes 300E.

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Review Date: 21st October, 2007

1986 Volvo 245 GL 2.1 from North America


Great ride Great Car!!


Some of the minor issues I have had with this car are as follows. I have had to fix the rear wiper, Wiring harness in the rear gate which is normal for this model. Trannsmission leaked so I had all the seals replaced including bearing front, rear, and middle. Fuel filter recently clogged. But mind you this was the original filter. At a repair cost of 76.00 (phew!!!) I was a little scared. Seats are shot, an the heated seats no longer work. An other than normal wear an tear I really can't think of a better car I have ever had.

General Comments:

This is an amazing vehicle for the money. Extremely reliable an fun to drive to me. I usually get looks wherever I go it's a fairly rare car here in southwest Florida so not many around. I will honestly always have a Volvo wagon I love my car an wouldn't get rid of it for the world.

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Review Date: 6th July, 2005

1986 Volvo 245 DL 2.3 from North America


Best value for the money


Rear window washer pump and air intake valve broke at 149,000 miles.

General Comments:

For an almost 18 year old car with 150,000 miles it feels more solid than lots of brand new cars. The ride and suspension, the seats and in general, the car is more comfortable than many new cars worth 4 or five times more money. This Volvo is the work horse of our household, and it is the car we take camping fully loaded up mountains in the middle of California summers. With patience, she'll go anywhere any time. We have taken this car to Texas and back, without using one bit of oil, coolant or anything for that matter.

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Review Date: 30th October, 2003

1986 Volvo 245 GL 2.3L from North America


Will last forever if properly maintained


Fuel tank thermal sensor burnt out at 90,000 miles.

Air conditioning compressor failed at about 92,000, a very sad ordeal because I live in Florida and this is very expensive to repair.

Window wiper squirter does not work, and the lights that illuminate the license plate malfunction often.

General Comments:

This is a reliable car if properly maintained. It is very safe and comfortable. Too bad Ford took over, or I'd like to buy a new one.

The station wagon driver seat seems high off of the road, similar to a small SUV of today.

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Review Date: 11th June, 2003