1986 Volvo 245 GL 2.3 petrol Carb from UK and Ireland


Comfort, reliability, safety and class for pennies!s


The radiator had failed but I knew that when I bought the car so I was able to knock £100 off of the price. The new rad was £113 but I fitted it myself and got £15 back from the dealer when I returned the old part.

Clutch master cylinder started spewing fluid down the clutch pedal. The new part was £96 and I fitted it myself.

Rear number plate lights were inoperative when I accquired the car but a quick clean up of the connectors in the tailgate cured that.

The rev counter an clock intermittently fail to function (although the clock comes back to life with the ignition off) - probably an iffy earth somewhere but I'm not too bothered as it doesn't really affect driveability and I didn't expect a Rolls Royce for £450.

The rear exhaust is starting to blow slightly and an area about 3" square needs welding on the floorpan under the drivers seat (although Mr M.O.T. wasn't concerned with this and recently passed me with a clean bill of health...) which I will repair myself.

General Comments:

I wanted a cheap car with a large carrying capacity. I was attracted to the Volvo as you get the most car for your money and I learned to drive in an older 2.1L 240 estate.

It is very comfortable with heated seats, power steering etc.

This one is equipped with the auxiliary seats in the boot so it could seat 7 - I don't need these so I may remove them and sell them on as they are advertised for £150-200 in the Volvo Owners Club Magazine classifieds.

The upper body is in very good condition with no rust or dents and most people are amazed that this car is 16 years old.

It drives very well with no rattles or knocks, although the heater fan can be noisy to the point of annoyance. Other 200 owners I have spoken to say this is common.

I'm very happy with the old girl and will definitely get another Volvo next, possibly a 740 or 940 estate.

The only fly in the ointment for me is fuel consumption in the low 20's about town and low 30's on a run - if you drive like a nun.

I defy anyone to find a new car with the same spec, engine size, carrying capacity or status (hey, its a quality car remember) for significantly less than £20,000.

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Review Date: 20th June, 2001

1986 Volvo 245 DL 2.1L from North America


Timing belt.

Steering rack.

Steering universal joint.

General Comments:

I love this car, it keeps running on and on. I currently have about 196,000 miles on it.

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Review Date: 8th May, 1999

18th Aug 2001, 15:16

Volvo definitely has the reliability, safety, and durability aspects taken care of. If they could only improve the styling! Now I know why these older ones are sometimes referred to as "bricks".