1986 Volvo 360 GLE 2.0 litres from Italy


A very robust and reliable car


My VOLVO 360 GLE (1986) is hard to start in summer.

The problem is the following:

(1) It does not start easily in the morning with a cold engine after the car is parked overnight, and.

(2) It does not start easily also after the car is driven and the engine is hot, or when the car is parked in the sun for a long period of time.

When ignition fails, it gives out a gasoline smell.

To start it, one has to unplug and re-plug the ignition wires or keep on kicking until the car starts.

General Comments:

The electronic ignition system, the battery (new), the starter and the electric system are all OK.

I had it fixed three times on this same problem and the latest fix was on 12 June 2001. Yet it didn't go away.

This problem occurs only in summer.

The car works perfectly well in winter.

What is causing this problem and what are the fixes?

Can anyone tell me what to fix?

Please write to my email address at (L_guindo@yahoo.fr)

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Review Date: 30th June, 2001

4th Jul 2001, 03:38


I have similar problems with my '89 360 GLi (B200F -engine). It also works just fine in winters, even if they were -30 celsius. But in summer... If it's hot weather, then there will be trouble to start the engine. This only happens if I haven't driven in few hours. If I have stopped for a short time it works well. So, I don't know what's wrong with it and I have been too lazy to try to find out, because it will start after 10-15 seconds of trying. I think this problem could be something like gasoline evaporating somewhere in the injection system, so it would take time before the gas pump delivers the fuel from the tank into the engine.

1986 Volvo 360 GLi 2.0i from Netherlands


A trustworthy bargain as a family car


Water pump replaced.

Timing chain replaced.

New exhaust pipe.

Four new tires (worn out due to bad alignment).

General Comments:

The Volvo 360 drives like a tank. It has more than enough power but at high speed it is noisy.

Without power-steering it takes a strong driver to park this tank.

Fuel consumption is rather high comparing to other cars of the same size.

This car is very safe and sturdy.

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Review Date: 7th April, 2001