15th Aug 2001, 03:47


I own a Volvo 360 GLS '83, I have got a problem that sounds a bit like yours. Once in a while if I have been driving till the engine is hot, it stops for a few minutes (engine turned off) and then starts again. The engine refuses to idle and runs very erratic. If it stalls it is very hard to get started again. There is black smoke from the exhaust. After driving for a few minutes, fighting to avoid stalling (dangerous as I have to use the handbrake to stop, while keeping the engine alive) it starts to run again.

This behavior is totally erratic and I haven't got a clue as to what causes it. I would be grateful if anybody has got an idea.



26th Sep 2002, 06:34


I have a 1986 Volvo 360 GlTi and my problem is very similar to yours. However, my car starts like a champ in winter when it is cold, but after I have driven it a for a short while it doesn't seem to want to start again! I think I might have the solution though. It seems to be the Accumulator box not getting enough (or getting too much) fuel to feed into the injectors. My advice is to take your car to a Volvo specialist as they know much more than conventional mechanics about these fine machines.

14th Aug 2003, 22:45

A 1987 volvo 240 runs good and stops when warm, could this be the fuel pump in the gas tank? Cause it starts up again.

6th Mar 2004, 14:17

In regards to the comments above about the Volvo 360 having problems starting in hot weather:

All European cars are built for the cold, they love it.

So if you live in Queensland, move to Victoria. Or keep the car as your winter run about.

21st Apr 2004, 10:30

I'm in Victoria and have the problem dude, it's almost always the fuel pump or the auxiliary air valve that bloody Volvo put on this car (doesn't really need it unless ambient goes below -5).

Simple problem, but hard to find.

19th Jun 2005, 04:41

I had that exact same problem with my 360GLT (It's kinda like old fords/doorhandles?) I put new points, leads and plugs in, also a higher power coil (Out of my mate's VK calais (I haven't told him about that yet) and voila!!! The starting problem in my 360 must have been weak spark. I blew out my fuel lines too just to make sure there was no blockages. I'm in Queensland too by the way.

Hope this helps... D.J. Jonny Long, Town of 1770, QLD.

10th Oct 2005, 15:26

I have a 360 GLT and the fuel injection is not working supposedly because the computer is not working though the mechanic is unsure. The car has only done 60k miles from new. A new computer is about 450 euro in ireland, I don't want to scrap the car so does anyone know of a quick fix or any advice. thanks. dylan

4th Feb 2007, 19:11

I had an 1984 model 360GLT, and am now considering buying a 1986 model. Brilliant little car!

I had a similar problem with hard starting when hot. I did all of the usual things, replaced filters, plugs and leads. With the car that I had, it had a low pressure 3/8" in line fuel filter mounted near the fuel tank, and well hidden behind a metal plate. There was no mention of this filter in any of the service manuals I researched, so is easy to overlook. Upon inspection, this filter was clogged with silt. Replacing this filter solved the hard starting when hot problems instantly. It may have been something that a previous owner had fitted? Its worth checking, as hard starting when hot is a common problem with this model.

11th Jan 2010, 11:28

When I had this same problem the solution was this: Remove the distributor cover and wipe the inside with a dry cloth. If you like, spray with moisture remover. Problem solved for me :-)