1987 Volvo 360 GLT 2.0 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


A bit of rust has built up where the rear spoiler is bolted on, and the radiator is using a lot of water and is full of an orange substance which has turned the water brown. Have flushed radiator and still having problems.

General Comments:

Very comfortable car, getting expensive and hard to find parts for.

Very reliable but a bit hard on gas.

Not the best looking car, but everyone enjoys a Saturday night cruise in it.

All around great buy.

Would love some feedback on how much it could be worth.


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Review Date: 14th August, 2008

3rd Sep 2008, 07:03

That would be rust in your radiator.

1987 Volvo 360 GLT 2.0L unleaded petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Well-engineered, solid, trustworthy


A/C compressor bit the dust, but it was my fault as it ran out of gas and I just left it empty for months - the seals dried out and that was that.

General Comments:

Solid, reliable, safe car.

Obviously it is not as fast as newer cars, but the build quality is outstanding, and the engine and transmission are smooth.

It's an all round dependable and well engineered machine.

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Review Date: 6th March, 2008

1987 Volvo 360 GLE 2.0 Naturally Aspirated from UK and Ireland


Good quality car with bags of character


I had to replace the original 1987 clutch and exhaust in 2006.

General Comments:

Excellent little motor, has served me well and given me no problems.

On a good day my 360 drives like a wannabe sports car, allowing me to throw it into corners at speed.

It does shake somewhat around 75mph, however 75mph to 105mph the shakes subside a little and the car seems to want to go faster.

The interior is comfortable and functional. The front seats are the most comfortable I've driven in and the layout of the extra switches such as electric windows, heated seats and rear wiper give it a flight deck feel.

In summary, this car has given me miles of comfort and reliable motoring and is immense fun to drive.

Try one, you can pick them up for around £150 - £200, low insurance and there are more spare parts kicking around than you can shake a stick at.

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Review Date: 27th April, 2007

1987 Volvo 360 GLE 2.0 from UK and Ireland


Good reliable car with oodles of comfort


Erratic Idling of Engine.

General Comments:

I have recently purchased a 1987 1986cc Volvo 360 GLE. I am impressed. It’s my first Volvo and I did expect it to be sluggish, heavy and thirsty.

On the contrary, this 360 is rather nippy, economical and robust. I do have a slight problem with the engine idling erratically however that’s getting put right.

The real bonus with this car is the mileage; less than 30,000 original miles and I have the garage bills and MOT’s to prove it. The interior is immaculate, body work is very good apart from one repair.

This is a really good car and considering I paid next to no money for it, it’s a great car.

I don’t think the car was ever driven above 50mph, the previous owners were both elderly, and so I’m going to give the 360 a good run-out. We’ll see how it does.

My previous cars have been diesels; Fords and Vauxhalls with few problems, so it’s nice to have a bit of a project to get stuck into.

Anyone who is thinking of purchasing a reliable, safe, fairly economical vehicle could do worse than to buy a Volvo 360.

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Review Date: 22nd March, 2006

1987 Volvo 360 GLE 2.0 petrol (carburettor) from UK and Ireland


Safe enough to drive out of an office building


Days after buying the car, repeated problems with the brake system occurred.

The car become a frequent visitor to the local garage. Eventually, after the renewal of most of the brake system, the faulty component was found to be the master cylinder. Total cost was a whopping £500.

Electric window motor seized twice. This was mainly due to lack of use in the winter. A garage quoted £150 for the replacement and fitting of a new motor. Due to disbelief, I did not opt for this repair. Instead, I removed the motor, stripped it apart and cleaned the brushes. End of problem and working electric windows again.

Radiator rusted through at 115000 miles.

New radiator cost £95.

Exhaust needed replacing at 118000 miles. Cost of new system, excluding manifold and down pipe, was about £90.

New tyres all round. Cost about £50 per corner.

Engine started to idle erratically.

Simple repair involved cleaning the pilot circuit in the carburettor.

Heated seats never seemed to work. I can assume this facility was available for the Swedish specification.

New cam belt at 120000 miles.

General Comments:

This car was not a bad motor, with exception to the brake system. I have heard rumors that the brake system on the 340 and 360 series are Ford derivatives. What an insult.

This car was incredibly thirsty. When I used it continuosly for a week, with mainly town and duel carriage way driving with reasonable acceleration, I used about 45 liters of petrol. This I consider to be bad, considering my Kawasaki ZZR250 used only about nine liters to do the same job.

The engine sounded and responded beautifully. It was always a good starter and never cut out. At 130000 miles, it still sounded like new. I have heard rumours that these engines can easily do 300000 miles effortlessly.

Durability and robustness is a trade mark of Volvo. So what do you expect?

One drawback, was the absence of power steering. Reverse parking gave way to an endurance test.

The comfortable interior of the car, hardly seemed to age, despite being heavily used.

This Volvo incorporated many safety features in its design. These included side impact bars. In fact, when the 340 series was introduced in 1976, it was one of the first cars to have them as standard. Also, many other safety related items, were present in the design of the car during the early eighties, that are just being seen on new cars today. Volvo, in particular, have always paid attention to safety.

The handling was reasonable, but care needed to be exercised in wet conditions. The back end did slide from time to time. Also, the brakes were too sharp for their own good. Being rear wheel drive, smoking the inner rear wheel when pulling out of a busy junction was all too easy. The look on peoples` faces was entertaining, not to mention impressive. A Volvo doing a doughnut? Can`t be done? Of course it can, believe me.

This car had absolute rivers of torque. It would wheel spin continuously in the dry whilst revving and dropping the clutch.

I loved this car and as usual, it retired to the scrap yard, due to rust.

What a disappointment, as the engine was barely at half life.

When buying a Volvo 360, beware, a lot of them have spent most of their lives pulling caravans, thus being over worked. This can put a large strain on the rear suspension, and cause overheating to the engine.

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Review Date: 23rd June, 2005