1991 Volvo 440 GLS 1.7 from Spain


If I could I would buy it new again


The car had never broke. It has always work perfectly.

General Comments:

It is a car to drive by high ways.

Driving in cities it gets hot very quickly, specially in summer.

The cabin filters a lot of noise from the engine and from wheels.

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Review Date: 13th April, 2002

1991 Volvo 440 GL B18KP from Russia


Strong enough for Russia


Firstly, after buying, I had some problems with the starter - it worked OK when the engine was cold, and sometimes failed to run when the engine was warm. The problem was inside the starter - the mechanic fixed it in a half an hour and it cost 20 dollars.

But I spent two weeks to find the proper mechanic, because even local Volvo service stations could not fix it, trying to sell me the whole starter (280$ in Moscow).

Finally, it runs OK till now, i.e. 3 years :-)

I encountered some suspension problems, but they were caused by ugly Russian roads. So, I had to change all suspension elements at 70000 kilometers.

Also there was some problems with electrics, like shortcuts in rear lights, which caused blinking of all left rear lamps, when turning on the turn-signal.

Here in Russia, we have two types of service stations. First are Volvo dealer stations, which are unbelievably expensive, but they always have the needed parts and can fix any problem. Another disadvantage is that if you need, for example, to replace only valves, they will try to sell you whole new engine, and if you need to change a spark plug, they will force you to buy new wires, spark distributor, and so on.

The second type of stations are firms that fix any cars, but many of them specialize on Swedish cars, for example. So, it's good way to save some money and have a good repair, because you can find there a mechanic, that worked on Volvo-service before. But in this case, you have to spend some time and buy all spare parts by yourself in shops.

General Comments:

I like this car, because it's not expensive, good-looking enough, fast, comfortable and strong enough for Russian conditions.

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Review Date: 12th February, 2002

1991 Volvo 440 GLEi 1.7i from UK and Ireland


A quality, RS eating beast!


So far, the only problem I have had with the car was a tiny oil leak which required a new sump washer, which stung me for 11p!

General Comments:

For a Volvo, this is a nippy and quite good looking car. As I am only 20 years old, I wanted a quick, insurance friendly car - and here I am. I am a boy racer, and I do get a few laughs and pointing fingers, but when I had my spoiler, alloys and 1250 watt stereo fitted, people stopped. Then, when I left an RS Turbo at the lights the other day, people started to get jealous!

For speed, the car goes. The only thing I heve problems with is keeping the needle at 30mph!

The comfort of the car is also second to none. The lumber control, the heated Recaro style seats and the blue/grey interior is really sweet. It goes well with the metallic blue grey paintwork.

All in all, it is a well equipped little "street Sleeper". For 500 squids, I`m not complaining!

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Review Date: 23rd November, 2001

10th May 2002, 05:17

There is no way the 1.7 440 will out drag any RS, even a Fiesta!

Might have better luck in the Turbo or 2.0i versions though you'd still need a fair amount of luck!

Don't get me wrong, I'm not an RS freak, I'm 18 and I drive a 2.0i 440, and it's good for what it is, a decent comfortable run-around, not a drag strip missile!

20th May 2003, 12:25

I've chipped my 1.7 turbo and its now running 250bhp. it'll beat anything. even an rs. i'll leave you 1.8 in my dust. beat that.