1991 Volvo 440 GLE 1.7 from UK and Ireland


Fantastic ride, handling and extras at a bargain price


Coolant leak just after purchase.

Strange problem with the car cutting out, and then starting again moments later.

General Comments:

This car is better than it looks. For its age and the price paid it comes with everything you could ever want, electric windows and mirrors, heated seats and mirrors, central locking, electric sun roof, and power steering.

The driving position is good with the height of the steering wheel being adjustable, and the seats are heated and comfortable.

Handling of car this smacks any Ford Escort or similar priced/sized car round the face. It sucks itself to the road and corners well. Although it's a Volvo it is actually fun to drive and it's rock steady at speed. The ride quality is equally good.

The Renault 1.7 engine is fast when pushed, although it's not an injection. 0-60 comes up in 12 seconds when pushed to the red line in second. Third gear is well placed in the Rev range for quick overtaking.

The cabin trim though is poor, with rattles and squeaks coming from the dashboard.

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Review Date: 30th May, 2001

14th Jul 2004, 07:39

I have got a J Reg Volvo 440 1.7.

I just wanted to say that they are the best car ever manufactured by Volvo and I would like to see more of the Volvo 440 model on our roads today.

Thanks Debbie.

1991 Volvo 440 Turbo 1.7 turbo from UK and Ireland


A refined and comfortable, quick, little car


Dashboard bulbs blow regularly.

Seems to be a looseness at the front somewhere, haven't had chance to investigate yet, but it might be the ball joints.

Driver's seat heating element doesn't work.

Doesn't seem to richen the mixture enough when cold and then the idle speed is too high when warm. Have tried replacing the coolant temperature sensor, but to no avail.

General Comments:

The car is surprisingly quick, especially from 3800 to 5000rpm, though wheelspin is sometimes a problem. Great for overtaking though.

Fuel economy is about 27mpg generally and 31-35 on the motorway. Turbo boost is addictive which is the main problem.

Lots of grip, but not much feel to the steering.

I'd definitely recommend the car though.

Car seems well built, but the trim doesn't seem that strong and rattles a bit.

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Review Date: 10th February, 2001

7th Apr 2001, 12:41


I've just bought a 440 TURBO INTER COOLER, and have some questions about it, since I don't have a manual to read it!

The car has no cat converter, previous owner (1st) made 116000km with it),and it's in really good shape!


What kind of fuel should I use for my car?

What kind of motor oil is recommended to use for engine treatment?

What is the normal oil consumption, if any?

I thank you for your kind answers,

Andraz Celigoj from Slovenia, Europe.

19th Jun 2001, 04:58

Don't know whether you've had answers already, but you should use min 95 unleaded with a catalyst or either without.

You're meant to use 15W40 in Britain, but it depends on the weather, though I use 5W40 Synthetic as it's difficult to find synthetic 15W40.

My car doesn't use any oil (I've not had to top it up in 8000 miles so far.

1st Jun 2003, 02:13

I drove a Volvo 440 turbo (with intercooler and lambda sond) yesterday and it is surprisingly quick. Wheel spin in second gear is no problem and no noticeable turbo lag. nice car, modern (complicated) engine whit much power and good mpg.


26th Apr 2006, 17:35


I replied to another of your entries saying fuel would almost certainly be unleaded. However you state here that it has no Cat Con so I am fairly certain you will need leaded.