1995 Volvo 440 S 1.8 from UK and Ireland


A stylish, economical, practical, family car


From new there was an intermittent fault with the idling. The car having to be kept in neutral at traffic lights etc, the engine tended to rev to 1000 rpm and being an auto try to pull away. The dealership could find no fault. However 1 year later at the sevice confirmed there was a fault and fixed it. Still sometimes plays up, but very rarely.

At about 18 months I noticed that the drivers door hinge was completely loose from the body of the car. Baytrack the Cardiff dealership from which I bought it, re-welded the hinge to the body (This dealership alone confessed to this being the 8th such case they had encountered. However instead of removing the dashboard to well from the inside as was necessary, they just tacked it from the outside and used mastic paint to mimmic weld runs. In 1998 it came loose again The dealership was now under new management and naturally not interested. The 3 yr warranty had expired, Volvo although acknowledging the previous repair which had failed, tried to shirk their responsibilities. However after polite requests failed they conceded fault and it was properly repaired at their expense under threats of a small claims court decision.

From new the remote central locking often misreads the lock/unlock signal, so fortunately this model re-locks the doors afrer 30 seconds if the handles are not touched.

However no longer a problem as the remote locking no longer works since mid 2002.

Sticking brocken rear left brake adjuster.

Badly rusted rear shock absorber shrouds.

Fair wear and tear. replaced exhaust mid and tail sections.

About 1998 heater block leaking replaced it myself, poor access.

2002 At 67000 Miles High Tech Auto gearbox internal seals fail costing £1200 repair for new seals kit and replacement of £670 drive belt.

General Comments:

This cars front impact crumple zone is impressive. A nearly head on 25 mph collision with another vehicle did not even set off the air bag or cause my small baby in her car seat any distress.

Acceleration when required is very good smooth and stylish, it sounds like a gas turbine.

I drive very smoothly and rarely accelerate rapidly, so I would expect good fuel economy. However it is better than good, I've measured mine several times and appear to be getting 54-57 mpg.

On a level road 2000rpm = 60mph. Therefor 70 mph cruising is frugal.

Body rust is non existent.

Upholstery is virtually as good as new.

Very comfortable seats.

The power steering is maybe a little light, but progressive and a joy to use.

The optional twin built in rear child seats are brilliant.

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Review Date: 9th February, 2003

1995 Volvo 440 SE 1.9 TD from UK and Ireland


A good car that offers more than you realise


The rear left hand central locking motor failed at about 64500 miles.

At 72000 miles the alternator failed.

There are a few minor bits of rust to the rear of the car, though nothing major.

Central locking occasionally fails to lock all doors on the car.

General Comments:

The car has proven to be a very solid buy.

While it may not be everyones idea of a good car, it has been reliable, and surprisingly quick.

It is a very understated car, that usually goes unnoticed, not that it deserves it, and not that it isn't good looking. It is traditional Volvo styling, but has the first signs of the modern Volvos in its styling.

I have been very pleasantly surprised by the driving experience offered, and particularly by the sense of safety it affords.

It is not a car to woo the ladies in, but more a car for those who need a cheap, reliable car that can get them from A to B comfortably, and respectably.

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Review Date: 17th August, 2002