28th Feb 2001, 06:42

I purchased my Volvo 440Xi about 3 years ago after my last car, a Maestro, was written off in a 4 car shunt. I did have problems after a week with the car. The engine management chip went and had to be replaced. Luckily not to my expense.

After a year the amplifier went which cost me £600 to fix. I suppose I was unlucky? But saying that the car is going strong and has never failed me since.

General wear and tear have been fixed. Anti-roll bar on the driver's side, suspension spring on the driver's side and a new radiator. I have found even with a new radiator though, the car seems to get a little hot. Do you have any ideas why? Any way, I am very pleased with my car which my Partner has named VINNY. Hope you have some ideas and thank you for your help.

15th May 2001, 09:51

This makes familiar reading.

My 92 model was bought in 99 with 83K on the clock, now has 118K.

Alternator died at around 98K miles, roll bars and suspension bushes replaced and general wear and tear stuff including a water hose splitting and pitted brake pipes in current MOT.

1st also a little clunky to get into and reverse grinds a little on entry, but only occasionally.

Fuel gauge very slow to rise to correct reading and and temp gauge sticks at zero reading for long periods of time.

Radiator has a slight leak but radweld keeps it at bay.

Corrosion in rear wheel arches - my fault - didn't wash it often enough in winter, lots of mud - oops.

Radio aerial oxidised and hard to retract - so I leave it up all the time. Water does drip into the boot when you open the hatchback when it's wet, but not if you do it slowly. Hatch retraction rods also stiff and could do with being replaced.

Volvo parts expensive, work even more so - but usually find scrappies can get parts and independent garages can do most work, just get it serviced at Volvo dealers to keep the handbook looking legit and get that unique feeling of wallet pain only a Volvo can give you.

Overall though a very comfortable car, about 10p a mile on average (50/50 motorway/urban), feels solid, has only let me down twice with the alternator and water hose. Have seen them at silly prices - 500 quid for example - and at that sort of money it's a steal assuming nothing major wrong!

11th Jun 2003, 05:54

I am a Nigeria and bought a fairly used Volvo 440 xi about a month ago. The car is elegant, fuel efficient, fast and comfortable. But the immediate problems I encountered within one month are the leaking power stearing, noisy suspension spring and some difficulty engaging Gear One. Overall, the car is a good buy, but not sure of its durability.

Segun Adediran

Punch Newspapers, Lagos, Nigeria.

26th Apr 2004, 06:45

After making additional 5,000 kilometers from the 72,000 km when I bought my Volvo 440xi, the car has not developed a major mechanical or electrical problem. But engaging the first gear still gives a cranky sound while the lower arm suspension makes some irritating noise. My major problem now is how to get new spare parts when the need arises. Can somebody confirm whether the Volvo Dealer in Nigeria here can handle the servicing and supply new spare parts?

23rd Oct 2005, 09:30

I 've had my volvo 440 xi for about 2 months and honestly speaking doesn't give me problems except when the fuel gauge is going towards E when pulling is literally forced. when tank is filled, acceleration response is better. Could this be a warning sign for a bigger problem?