1993 Volvo 460 SE 1.8 from UK and Ireland


Looks great, drives great


Only just got the car, but runs fine.

Good handling and very fast.

A good motorway cruiser.

I am lucky that my uncle is a dealer, but he bought the car and sold it. he later bought it back in part ex. So he must have faith to buy back the same car he sold.

General Comments:

I think the Volvo 460 (and 440) are attractive looking cars. The front grille gives a regal look, whilst the sloping bonnet gives an impression of speed.

The car is quick, and drives well, but due to the 5th gear is not much worse than my old 4 gear Micra for petrol.

Mine is a basic car, but still has a 6 speaker stereo, electric windows and tilt & swivel sunroof. Electric mirrors and seat warmers too.

That's more than enough gadgets for me.

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Review Date: 14th April, 2003

1993 Volvo 460 GL 2.0 injection from Netherlands


A good, reliable car


The car does not have that much of a view through the back window, I think I bumped my tow bar in another (badly parked) car.

The cylinder head and the belt both broke down at 210000 km and had to be replaced. As I bought the car after the refitting, I now have a car 10 years old, with pretty much a new engine.

The body is in good condition, but the right rear door has a nasty spot of rust I will have to deal with soon. But rust is not unusual on a 10 year old car.

The leather upholstery of the driver's seat is cracking in a couple of places.

General Comments:

If you don't ask too much of it, it is quite economic to drive. She will do over 200km/h, but this will cost you vast quantities of fuel, and she does not drive well over 150 km/h.

The car accelerates well, she is quick and responsive.

Very comfortable, but you need to be a bit of an acrobat to get out.

The interior is practical, but you have to like plastic.

People do not buy a Volvo to go showing off, but she looks a lot better than the 200, 300, and 700 series.

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Review Date: 8th April, 2003