460 GLT 2.0

Top buy for a bargain price

37 words, UK and Ireland

460 Si 1.8i

Cost free motoring in comfort

231 words, UK and Ireland

460 1.8i

A tough car that is relaxing to drive

215 words, Netherlands

460 Si Turbo 1.7i turbo petrol

Superb value, comfort with excellent performance!!

447 words, UK and Ireland, 3 comments

460 GL 1.8

Once you drive it you cannot stay away for long

103 words, Estonia, 1 comment

460 2.0i

I've got the car very cheap from a local dealer who gave me a good price

53 words, Norway, 1 comment

460 1.9 turbo diesel

For those who prefer reliability and economy over style and technology

121 words, Belgium, 3 comments

460 Si 1.8i

A lot of car for the price of a similar age Escort

44 words, UK and Ireland, 1 comment