1985 Volvo 740 GLE 2.3 from North America


Still running strong at 353000 KMs, recommend


Fan is noisy at speed one and two, but noise disappear if I turn up to three or four, seems to get nosier when vehicle is decelerating.

Leather seat is in pretty bad shape, but it's to be expected for a 85 model.

Heated seat doesn't work.

But nothing serious.

General Comments:

I just brought this car from my mechanic, the car is in exceptional condition for a 1985, it has 353000 kms and is still running strong, highly recommend.

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Review Date: 2nd December, 2005

26th Jan 2006, 00:31

I had my Volvo for almost 2 months now. I replaced the engine oil, battery, a set of new wiper blades, new headlights and a set of tires. It's really dependable and is my daily driver. I would recommend this car to anyone who's looking for cheap and reliable transportation.

1985 Volvo 740 GLE sr20 turbo from Australia and New Zealand


This is a very quick and cheap car


The head gasket blew only a few months after warranty.

The interior is in bad shape and I recommend you do not buy this vehicle.

General Comments:

This car is very quick.

This sr20 turbo can run a 1/4 mile in 11.0 sec.

However this car handles like a shopping cart and it is recommended not to go around corners.

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Review Date: 21st April, 2005

1985 Volvo 740 GLT 2.4 diesel Estate from Germany


Will never die


Nothing you wouldn't expect.

General Comments:

This car was the best car I ever owned. It is still running today with about 500000 km on the clock. I just had to sell it as it got too expensive to maintain.

The engine is a 6-cylinder diesel out of the VW LT transporter wit 82 hp.

This definitely doesn't make it a sports car, but it has so much more qualities I didn't bother. I drove it with a fuel consumption of bit more than 8 liters per 100 km.

It has room in it like a palace. With the back seats folded it you can even sleep some kind of comfortably in it.

The interior is as solid as the rest of the car and as comfortable as a living room or a pub.

Driving feels great in it. It is absolutely stable and comfortable on every road condition. Just in winter you should be a bit careful as it is rear driven.

As it is that square shaped, it isn't a problem to park even though it's size. It just ends where you can see the edge.

Rust didn't turn up.

All I had to do was doing the normal service and changing some parts like brake pads and the timing belt.

I never had any problems.

I decided to sell it as I didn't want to pay the enormous tax bills any more, but doubt I will ever get another that good car.

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Review Date: 26th July, 2004

1985 Volvo 740 from North America


Over 300k miles and it won't die!


A/C belt or something related broke - have not repaired. There's still cold air being made, it's just not doing anything, but drifting through the vents.

Driver's window the only one that still has power.

Headliner falling apart.

Insides of doors starting to come apart.

Alternator died, $75 repair to replace something called a brush set.

Paint looks awful.

General Comments:

I bought this station wagon last year for $1100.00, and if it dies tomorrow I'll have gotten my money's worth and then some... a few months after I got it, I was going about 65 on the highway in the rain. Someone wiped out in front of me, and I had to swerve very quickly... it went up on two wheels, clunked back down and kept going. I feel like if I had been in almost any other vehicle, I would have flipped over.

The alternator quit working sometime on the way back from driving my kids from Atlanta to Disneyworld and back, but the car had the good grace not to die until we were literally 10 yards away from my driveway. The wagon is so roomy and comfortable, we had a great trip even though it's over a 7 hour drive.

I regularly haul in excess of 800 pounds (boxes of glossy cardstock) in the back for my work, and it never complains - can still accelerate fine and no shaking or uneasy braking.

I love my ugly old Volvo, and will buy another (hopefully less ugly) wagon as soon as I am able to.

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Review Date: 2nd April, 2004