1989 Volvo 740 Turbo Wagon 2.4 turbo from North America


A screaming station wagon... cool


Heater motor needed replacement.

Interesting electrical gremlins affecting the lights and dashboard (unresolved).

Plastic trim pieces chronically pop/break off.

Headliner gets worse day by day (falling & tearing).

General Comments:

Goes like stink (love that turbo!) and handles well. This has upset more than one Toyota Supra that lost in a race to a Volvo station wagon :-) So much fun to drive that my wife now wants to try autocrossing.

Practical as a family car. Lots of room, very safe, good cargo capacity (for a small wagon).

Very comfortable for long hauls. The bells and whistles are neat, especially those electrically heated seats. Only car I've ever had where I don't get sick riding in the back seat.

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Review Date: 1st May, 2001

15th Sep 2001, 13:29

It has a 2.3L, not a 2.4L... LOL.

20th Aug 2002, 10:55

I am a musician and I constantly abuse my 5-speed 740 turbo wagon as a gear hauling workhorse. The car is approaching 300,000 miles and is as solid reliable and cheap to run as ever! I have an excellent "old-world" mechanic who always finds an economical way to repair what little may go awry, as they can be expensive to fix. In short I have found this vehicle to be as cheap to run as any domestic van while being ten thousand times more fun to drive.

1989 Volvo 740 GL from North America


Smooth, comfortable, safe and all around excellent value


The radiator was corroded, thus the engine over-heated and I lost a head in the whole deal (it warped). That was six days after I bought it on October 26th 2000, with just a little over 154,000 miles on it. Replaced the radiator and put in re-built head.

Windshield washer motor replaced at 159,500.

Sun-roof leaks when it goes through the car wash.

Key stuck in the "start" ignition, thus electrical stuff wasn't working... watch that so you don't lose a starter or alternator.

General Comments:

I like the safety aspect of the Volvo now that I have a child.

This is my first Volvo, though older, I feel like I am in a new car. It is a solid car.

Very comfortable, driver side bum heater doesn't work, but the passenger side is a delicious ride for those frigid Minnesota winters!

Seats are comfortable, durable and roomy. There is able room for all passengers.

Bad in the ice and snow, but weight in the back has been helpful.

Haven't had this car but 5 months, I think I just had bad luck.

I hope that this car brings many years of reliable service, that is one reason I bought a Volvo.

The other reason, safety for my family... boy do I feel safe in this car!

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Review Date: 28th March, 2001

1st Sep 2009, 15:22

Don't believe all the hype, this car will fare very badly against a more modern design. Volvo over used safety marketing in the 80's and 90's with little evidence to support their claims. Then along came Euro Ncap 40 mph offset crash testing and Volvo suddenly looked very average. The 850 was a big disappointment suffering excessive cockpit intrusion. A 960 Volvo was recently crashed head on into a Renault Modus at 80 mph. The Volvo was turned inside out, the Modus driver would have walked away.

2nd Sep 2009, 06:07

Excuse me! Are you comparing a car designed and built in the 80's to a car designed and built in the last few years? The car crashed into the Renault was a 940 anyway! Please go and find a car from the same era to crash against and see what happens...! EuroNcap have never crash tested the 850 - so where did you get those results? The Volvo is as safe a car as you can get for the time they were built!

24th Jan 2013, 23:05

Wow, I saw that your previous car was a Golf.

I currently own a 92 VW Golf GTI. I have an offer to trade for a 740 Volvo turbo wagon with the following specifics: new paint, new interior, new tires... everything works, power window, power locks, 100k miles, runs good, A/C blows cold & the car runs fine.

Should I go through with this trade? What do you think?

25th Jan 2013, 17:22

Do it!

1989 Volvo 740 GLE-GL 2.3 litre petrol from North America


Looks darn nice, hey it's a Volvo, not some lemon!


Front turn signal relay switches went bad.

Windshield washer pump regulator valves failed.

Driver window motor won't go up all the way.

Driver's heated seat will not heat my bum.

General Comments:

The car has the spirit of a race car, but its size limits the potential.

Its size is an added safety consideration, but rear wheel drive does poorly in the snow.

Handles well on dry pavement, limited turn rocking.

Extremely long life, reliable to a point if you can afford the regular costs of maintenance.

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Review Date: 24th February, 2001

1989 Volvo 740 GL Wagon 2.3 Litre from North America


Great second car


Water pump was just replaced.

Heater fan had to be replaced as it was completely corroded due to water leaking in from the faulty design of the windshield seal.

Radio display not functioning.

General Comments:

The quality to dollars spent ratio is unbeatable with excellent reliability thrown in as a bonus.

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Review Date: 3rd February, 2001

1989 Volvo 740 GL 2.3 liter 4 cylinder from North America


Great car for anyone


Timing belt needed replacing.

Sunroof leaks.

General Comments:

Excellent car, no major mechanical problems in the year that I have owned it.

It could be a little quicker. I recommend the turbo, I've driven both and it helps a lot.

Don't let the high miles scare you, Volvo's really do run forever.

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Review Date: 4th January, 2001

15th Mar 2001, 18:01

I too own a 1989 wagon with turbo and it is the best car I have ever owned. I recommend the 740 model for anyone, reliable, with the turbo good pick up. and for the squeaky brakes (which most volvos have) get raybestos pads.

Volvo for life.