1991 Volvo 740 Base 2.3 from North America


Gotta love the big whale!


Fuel line leakage.

Distributor cap issue.

Some electrical issues.

Radiator died.

Thermostat broke.

Alternator issue.

General Comments:

It's a tank! If I find a low mileage 740, I'll buy one. It was my first car and my work horse. Never complained! An average of $300 of repairs per year should sound good!

A basic stable car. Turn on and drive, stop, turn off, walk away. Easy to maintain...

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Review Date: 21st August, 2013

1991 Volvo 740 SE 2.3L turbo from North America


A true "sleeper" or sweedish hot rod


1. Needs front control arm bushings.

2. Needs A/C charge.

3. Probably needs brakes.

4. Trunk leak.

General Comments:

Upgraded from a 240 turbo, and it's night and day.

The '90-92 model years are more desirable due to improvements made... also I think the 91 740 is the only one with a garret turbo... '91 is the last year for manual transmission in the united states. The 940 was never imported with a manual.

Boost is adjustable... highly tunable engine capable 300+ horsepower...

Quick, safe, smart. A true "sleeper" or swedish hot rod.

Also... for those inclined to work on their own vehicle very easy to work on... logically laid out engine bay... not a lot of computers and other fancy stuff to stump you when diagnosing...

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Review Date: 21st July, 2009

1991 Volvo 740 Turbo Intercooler 2.3L turbo intercooled from North America


What to do when your family outgrows the Lotus!


Replaced the brakes and rotors at 220,000 miles. Turned out they were still good, but I changed them anyway.

Replaced heater control valve right when I got the car.

General Comments:

I have owned an 1989 Ford Mustang GT and a 1993 Ford Ranger with the reliable 2.3L before this, and I would have to say that the 740 is much more fun to drive than the Mustang, and just as reliable, if not more reliable, than the Ranger.

I have never driven a car that feels more solid safe. This is Volvo engineering at its best. This isn't one of your expensive newer cars where you need to bring it into the dealer just to see if your tire pressure is low. I have done a tune up and made sure everything is working properly, and have found these cars are the easiest to work on.

I have never seen a trunk so huge I thought it would compromise the passengers room in the back seats, but I found it is quite roomy back there too.

For a 1991 vehicle it is luxurious. Leather heated seats, power mirrors, power windows, power sunroof, A/C, great stereo, anti-lock brakes, and air bags.

On the road, this handles like a dream, and the performance from the factory isn't bad either, provided you have a turbo model; 0-60 in 7.2 secs.

For a car made in 1991, and 228,000 miles of Minnesota summer and winter driving, it surprisingly has almost no rust all, because Volvo used galvanized steel, and too many layers of paint and clear coat to count. I am serious here, I have seen one with a paint chip because it got keyed, and it looked like the paint and clear coat were just as thick as the metal.

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Review Date: 2nd October, 2007

26th Nov 2010, 10:18

I just got a 740 turbo 89' model. Totally awesome! I think it does 60 in like 7.5ish. I guessed using my phone. But man, I love this car. It's really a sleeper with that turbo. Got 171K miles right now. Only things that do not work are the antenna, and sunroof. But all windows and locks work and lights etc. Pretty cool considering the thing cost me less than $500 total. Oh, and a water pump is $35 haha. Great car.

1991 Volvo 740 turbo Wagon from North America


Turbo quickness and Volvo's legendary safety in a comfortable, eye pleasing package


Other than normal maintenance and wear and tear items, very little has gone wrong with this car.

Some owners have complianed that the headliner sagged but I haven't experienced this problem.

General Comments:

The turbo makes up for the undersized 4 cylinder engine and the car gets up to highway speed very quickly and cruises at 70 mph as if it is on rails.

The seating is very comfortable, the passenger compartment is roomy and there is plenty of space to haul cargo.

After 182,000 miles and only normal maintenance, my only complaints are that some of the plastic interior bits are broken.

When I had done 100,000 miles, I switched to synthetic motor oil and synthetic transmission fluid.

Despite having spent its life in New York, the car has no rust issues and after 15 years the paint is still reasonably glossy.

If they still made this car, I'd buy another.

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Review Date: 9th September, 2006

15th Jan 2013, 22:18

I have had 2 of these lovely ones after riding 240 and 245's. The reason I let them go was the limited slip clutch in the differential, which needed replacement at 360,000 km. The price rules out the replacement.

I would buy another one if I could find one in reasonable state. Nothing compares. When Volvo put them on the road, they advertised it as the ultimate wagon: "Until Ferrari builds a wagon, this is the one!"