1991 Volvo 740 2.3 gas from North America


Ten years of reliability and luxury matched by few


New fuel pump around 135,000 miles.

Front end loosened toward end of my ownership; couldn't find anyone to give me a straight answer on how to fix this.

Headliner drooped in midlife; only thing about the car that seemed substandard.

General Comments:

If it would have been possible to buy a brand new 740 in 2004, I would have done anything in my power to facilitate this.

One of the more "over-engineered" cars I've ever known; it truly was like saying goodbye to an old friend when it was time to part.

This car, though there were much more expensive and luxurious Volvo models out there, always made me feel special (this may have had something to with the beautiful buckskin leather interior with two tone dashboard) especially on a beautiful day with the sunroof open.

The most reliable car I've ever known. Ten years of bliss in this regard. Rugged as a mule, yet far more elegant.

The trunk was usefully shape (why are car manufacturers afraid of the box shape; it's so incredibly functional... in the 740's case, it was also beautiful).

Alas, after 200,000 miles, and fourteen years the car began to feel tired... the front needed work and the engine began to seep oil. I researched how to get the car re manufactured (there used to be a place in New Jersey that did this to Volvo's and BMW's) but came up empty. I really wanted to begin again with a brand new 740.

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Review Date: 24th January, 2006

24th Jan 2006, 18:04

This review should have a smiley face, not a sad face!!!

17th Dec 2006, 10:42

I agree with the first comment. Where is your smiley face? It is not usual to see a negative review on a 740.

22nd Apr 2008, 21:12

Yeah, seems odd the poster says they wanted to start over, even have the car restored, but then says wouldn't buy another.

1991 Volvo 740 from North America





General Comments:

I've owned MANY Volvo's; 240's, 740's and 940's mainly. THE most reliable, simple and rock solid cars made. Can be purchased inexpensively and will run for 300,000K plus miles with only basic maintenance. Great "Anti-Status" car... why drive a BMW unless your main goal is to impress someone...I've owned BMW, Mercedes, Saab and Volvo. Volvo is hands down the best of the breed!

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Review Date: 23rd October, 2005

1991 Volvo 740 2.3 from Netherlands


Extremely reliable and durable


Alternator had to be replaced. That's all.

Squeaking noise if steering wheel is turned at its maximum.

General Comments:

This car has proved to be very reliable. If you consider its mileage, I would say it's better than the Toyota's I've owned. I never expected it to be as good as it is. Despite it's minor problems which are taken care of by my Volvo- specialist (much cheaper than dealer) I really love this car.

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Review Date: 17th November, 2004

1991 Volvo 740 Turbo 2.3 Litre 4 cylinder turbo from North America


Great first car, reliable, safe, turbo is a must have, that's about it my good friends


The battery died in a parking lot while I was listening to the radio when the car wasn't running. This happened shortly after I bought the car and nothing like that has happened since.

Mechanically it has been sound as far as I've owned it.

Interior is good, with noticeable wear from the previous owner.

General Comments:

The turbo makes its performance manageable, and I can't imagine its performance without it. I would find it painful.

Great turning radius, easy to park.

Parts tend to be expensive, be sure to find a fairly honest mechanic, good luck.

Ebay is good for parts, too.

It seems to be a "wholesome" and "down to earth" car to own, but the ladies really don't dig it, they want some dude in a big truck or sleek BMW, Volvo has the soccer mom image and its too safe.

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Review Date: 9th September, 2004

1991 Volvo 740 2.3L from North America


Best $1000 I ever spent


My exhaust system has been giving me trouble since I bought the car. The tailpipe rusted clean off and I have had to replace several gaskets, but none of the problems cost me more than 50$ tops to fix. All small stuff. Wiring has also given me some trouble. Interior light dosen't work, right rear taillight still dosen't work after having it fixed twice by dealer. It works for 2 or 3 weeks then dies again. Gas door fell off, and that is apparently a very very common problem.

General Comments:

It has decent pickup for an old Volvo. High-end acceleration is surprising as well. Cruises at 115mph very .

The steering is very steady and responsive in good driving conditions. Excellent for long highway trips. Rear wheel drive combined with the weight of the car means that it won't respond well at all in the snow. If you accelerate at all while the wheel isn't perfectly straight, it fishtails almost immediately, even with snow tires.

The body has aged very well. No rust at all.

It is the most reliable car I have ever owned. I have not had one mechanical issue with it in the entire time I have owned it.

I have been in two accidents with it. Once in a foot of snow I slid into a telephone pole at 20mph. The car bounced off. I was fairly shook up, but the only damage was a broken blinker. I literally backed up and drove away. The other time I skidded off a trail in the woods and hit a tree at 15mph. I dragged it back onto the trail and drove away. Very impressive.

Interior is practical and nice. Heated seats big plus.

Gas mileage averages about 21 - 24.

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Review Date: 25th June, 2004

28th May 2006, 12:01

I differ with this review ONLY in the performance of the VOLVO wagon in the snow. I LOVE my Volvo in the snow!! With chains I can literally and quite easily go any where a 4x4 truck or SUV can go. Put her in low and go!! I run 195's which are one size up from factory issue. It is a light truck tire. It gives me more clearance and I can also get beefier snow tires for getting home to my mountain top cabin. I LOVE IT!! I have had several aged, but sturdy wagons over the course of 20+ years. We just purchased a 91 for $2,400 and it rocks!! MUCH more comfortable and dependable than the rinky-dink new, and newer used vehicles out there... THE ONLY con 4 me has been driving the bumpy back roads and using her like a ranch truck tends to wear everything out except the engine, running gear and transmission..ie: doors (broken or difficult opening typical), power window issues, seat belts barely or poorly functioning.. plus LOTS of squeaks and rattles... all typical volvo problems.