7th Jun 2004, 11:49

I completely agree. Emergency handling in a Volvo is kind of an oxymoron. One time there were four of us in a '90 GL wagon and we had to swerve to avoid hitting a deer. The first thing the car did was start fishtailing. We were going maybe 45 and the driver didn't swerve too much. The back end is very poorly balanced. Handles NOTHING like the 1990 Subaru Loyale that I drive.

30th Sep 2004, 07:33

A comment on the fishtailing. Install a sway bar. It costs 100-150 USD, and it solves this problem for the most part.

16th Nov 2004, 13:55

Absolutely! I have a 1990 740 turbo. It has a sway bar and good tires, and handles extremely well on and off the highway. It would be very difficult to find a car with the same amount of performance and comfort for this kind of prince!

25th Mar 2005, 09:51

I have never owned a Volvo until the motor on my Daytona gave up, I acquired a 91 Volvo 740 Turbo in good condition for 1000.00, which I've been told has been a great buy and since I've had it like 6 months now, I've taken it on 2 cross state trips however the vehicle sat for approximately 2 years before I aquired it, my antennea, a turn signal housing, and the blower motor for my heat-that recently died). Does anyone have any suggestions on where I can find a manual on repairs for this car and an inexpensive place to purchase parts?


9th Oct 2005, 01:07

Hey Renee,

With regard to finding a manual for you 1991 740 Turbo, try EBAY. I just saw one listed. 10-9-05.


13th Jul 2006, 03:48

I had a Subaru Loyale and that was the worst handling piece of garbage I've had. It is horrifically slow too. The 740 is vastly superior in almost every aspect unless one desires 4wd that badly.

7th Sep 2006, 21:37

Regarding the RWD Volvo fishtailing... I has my very first crash in a 740 turbo. There was a light drizzle, I was 17 and taking a corner a little too fast. The rear of the car started to drift. I panicked and turned the steering whees wildly from lock to lock. The car spin 180 degrees, hit the curb, flipped to the side, plowed through the chain linked fence and finally came back down on all four wheels again. The trunk was completely smashed, a big dent on the driver side A pillar, the entire front section was shift slightly at an angle, both the front and rear windshields were cracked. The car was total, but I was fine. The tough part was telling my mom that I totaled the car. Looking back, had I gradually applied the brake the car will probably still be around.

I remember another instance where I fished tailed the 740 turbo by stomping on the gas on a left turn when the light turned green. Again, that was in light drizzle as well.

The FWD 850s are a lot more stable in the rain and corners a little better... but I really miss the 740 turbo.

15th Jun 2009, 15:34

I picked up my 740 Turbo wagon at the factory in Gothenberg, Sweden in June of 1990 AND I STILL HAVE IT! I drove it all through Europe and down to Athens, Greece, but it has lived most of its life in Honolulu.

I ordered it in red with a five speed manual and a turbo plus kit. That's 188 hp, which made it the king of the road the year I lived in Athens. The car is great, even at 150,000 miles. I have taken good care of it, garaged it all the time, and it still looks good and runs fine.

Aside from normal maintenance, the only big ticket expenses I've incurred have been the AC evaporator and condenser replacements, the ECU replacement, motor mounts, front struts, three radiators, and the clutch replacement.

I put on IPD's sway bars and chassis brace and always use Z rated rubber, currently Dunlop SP Sport Maxx, and I can corner almost as fast as I can in my BMW E39 M5. I've had it 19 years and will never sell. Buy one if you get a chance. Aloha, Tom