1990 Volvo 740 GL Wagon 4 cylinder non turbo from North America


Best money ever spent on a used car


Horn started tooting when turning corners.

Timing belt.

ABS coil steering wheel spring opened.

Pinion seal leak.

Alternator brushes wore out.

Fuel pump quit.

Head liner blew out window.

General Comments:

Easy to maintain, and required parts when needed are inexpensive and available. No comparison to the reliability of my Olds 98. The 740, when loaned out to my sons, always returned ready for the next mission.

The metal brake lines never rusted when exposed to Rochester NY weather.

The engine will keep running long after the headliner blows away in your face, the leather seats crack and expose the underlayment, and the interior plastic door parts snap in your hand.

The alternator brushes wore out and were easily replaced using a Phillips screw driver - without removing the alternator. Probably can't easily replace alternator brushes on today's models.

As a bonus, when the timing belt broke, the engine did not self destruct, even after repeated attempts to restart the engine. And the fuses are hidden just behind the ashtray, unlike the Olds 98 where you had to bang your head under the dash to gain access.

I don't know if today's vehicles will wear as well as this 740.

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Review Date: 19th September, 2018

1990 Volvo 740 GLE 2.3 gasoline from Kuwait


Easily outlasts the owner with regular maintenance


Nothing and still going at 650 000 miles (more than 1 million kilometers)... and in a country where it gets as high as 60 Celsius temperature, and after 25 years, nothing.

The question is how long can you live to see something go wrong?

Oh the paint is faded if that's considered bad after 25 years under the sun, and the dealer is bad unfortunately. So search the Internet and fit the parts yourself, and have the cheapest and the easiest car to fix... got a screwdriver? Get in there, you're a Volvo mechanic...

General Comments:

Behold the indestructible zombie apocalypse car... Clearly this Volvo generation is a far cry from the new ones.

Easier than a blender to run, with comfy seats.

Get the wagon and move some stuff in it too with decent boot space.

Everything works... even the air-conditioner with the original factory r13a gas still in it. I still can't believe it.

Belts every 100 000 miles.

Every 250 000 miles + radiator + hose + thermostat + coolant (no cutting corners).

Transmission oil + filter every 100 000 miles.

Parts are abundant for this car, with loads of cheaper aftermarket alternative parts.

If you see a low mileage carb/jetronic fuel injection... grab it immediately.

Truly this falls under the "they don't make them like what used to be". Our new 2010 Volvo S80 T6 inline six is a joke compared to this :(

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Review Date: 2nd September, 2015

26th Dec 2018, 21:57

Volvo needs to buy your car and dissect it to re-learn how to build cars.

20th Apr 2019, 12:06


How is this possible?

Yup, they sure don't make like that anymore.

I put a new engine in a V70 once. I won't do work on Volvos again.

Congratulations. Your PM schedule works!

1990 Volvo 740 2.3L turbo intercooler from Australia and New Zealand


Very reliable, smooth power, all luxuries, and a great value used car under $5000. Driving pleasure


I have owned the car less than 1 year. Nothing has gone wrong in my time.

Previous owner had a new radiator replacement and a new roof lining.

Everything this car has from the factory still works well.

General Comments:

I bought this car in 2012 from a senior couple who had owned it originally since 1991. The car has a brilliant service record, and for a car of 22 years of age, everything from the factory still works well.

In 1990 this car was $72000 AUD, and for a car of that price, it did have clunky plastic interior, however these cars were extremely well built, and were engineered to last.

These old Volvos certainly outlive all other European and Japanese cars of that era.

Heated seats, electric antenna, power windows, A/C + climate control, AM/FM cassette stereo. All original, and all still working fine.

Very comfortable for 4 adults with everything you need (except cup holders).

Powerful 4 cylinder turbo engine does the job nicely. Smooth and reasonable efficient.

Handling is a bit sloppy and saggy, but this could be due to original 22 year old suspension, springs, etc.

Like all older used cars, some have good lives and some have bad. Some models are great and others are a dud.

I was lucky when I found my 740 Turbo; it's a good example of a perfect kept car.

With general maintenance, there is nothing unusual that goes wrong with these cars. Most forums on the Internet or car clubs have ironed out and found easy or upgrade fixes for common faults.

Anyone with basic mechanical skills (or willing to learn) can do most service tasks on this model.

There is something Volvo drivers and enthusiasts get from driving a Volvo; even the older beat up models still bring joy to the driver. A solid car that's for the driver.

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Review Date: 24th October, 2012

26th Dec 2012, 07:43

Do you know where or what dealer I can purchase a 740 turbo from that has a good record?