1990 Volvo 740 GLT 16V 2.3 petrol from UK and Ireland


A lot of quality car for not a lot of money


ABS warning light illuminates sporadically, service history indicates problems with sensors.

Previous owner from new had a new clutch and flywheel at 75,000 miles.

New steering rack.

New speedo.

General Comments:

This is the first Volvo I have owned, I have only had it for a short time but I am very impressed by the ride and the vehicle's performance. The vehicle has a feeling of safety about it.

The previous owner had it serviced every 6000 miles by a main Volvo dealer, some of the work carried out and the cost seemed excessive.

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Review Date: 20th April, 2001

26th Nov 2003, 09:28

Good review.

I also own a 740 GLT 16v, but two years older version (-88)

It was bought by my parents back in the nineteen nineties and I got it when they bought a new car. There had been only one previous owner so the car hadn't changed hands too many times.

Runs like a clock, but I wish it would be more powerful. Planning to trim it.

Very nice car overall and I would recommend it to everybody. Big, long, big trunk, reliable. Nicer with the 940 front, though, but -88-90 front is OK. Rather it be the -90-92.

1990 Volvo 740 GLT 16v 2.3 from UK and Ireland


An underrated stunner that deserves more credit even if it is not pretty


Nothing. The car has been well-serviced by Volvo specialists (but not Volvo main dealers) and has been utterly reliable.

General Comments:

OK, it is one of the ugliest cars ever made, a cross between a Cadillac and a Lada on steroids, but they are cheap to buy, safe to drive and great fun when wound up.

The 2.3 dohc engine comes into its own at 5000+ revs and although its handling reflects the lump that you are driving, it out corners and out brakes cars that think they are far superior. A Bison in Wildebeast's clothing!

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Review Date: 30th December, 2000

1990 Volvo 740 GLE Wagon 2.4 16v from North America


A hardworking and versitile classic wagon


The rear window wiper motor doesn't work and every once in a while the antilock brakes don't engage.

General Comments:

The car was a fantastic purchase. As the third owner of this family wagon I wondered about its condition. But Volvo makes a very strong car. It's not the most powerful or the most beautiful but it stands up to the worst driving conditions with class, comfort, usefulness, and most importantly safety.

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Review Date: 27th August, 2000

1990 Volvo 740 GL 2.4 petrol from Malaysia


A princely car fit for stately drivers


Mileage meter doesn't work. Had the absorber replaced because it was giving out a loud banging noise. Better now. Key switch wasn't able to return to proper mode (stuck in ignition mode) thus burnt my starter and alternator. Cost me a bomb to have them repaired (so was the side powered mirror that was broken my an inconsiderate motor rider).

Above and beyond that the Volvo 740 is a princely car.

General Comments:

A princely car. Worth every penny. Wouldn't get any other make of car... has to be a Volvo. More powerful and stylish than my Volvo 240 GL. Front view is more elegant in looks when compared to the square look of its behind.

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Review Date: 9th April, 2000

1990 Volvo 740 Estate SE 2.0 petrol injection from UK and Ireland


Owned for last 4 years and 50k miles.

Only major fault has been a crack in the wire from the engine management system, which caused sporadic failures to start, and took a couple of weeks to track down.

Tail-gate struts failed.

Lots of minor electrical naughtiness:

Instrument, dashboard and side lights are forever blowing; I don't think we have ever had a complete set all working at the same time!

General Comments:

Performance reasonable for 2 litre in such a big body.

Handling better than you would think when unladen. Gets a bit tail happy when fully loaded.

Ride good on smooth roads, but definitely jumpy on rough roads.

Plenty of passenger and load space, which is why we bought it.

Power steering and incredible turning circle make it extremely manouevrable, but still needs a big parking space.

Fuel consumption about 30 MPG in mixed driving.

Servicing costs astronomical - if I'd known at the outset, maybe I wouldn't have bought it.

Needs service every 6k miles, main Volvo dealer expensive and not very good. Have switched to an un-franchised Volvo specialist, who gives much better attention, but is still quite dear.

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Review Date: 3rd January, 1998

2nd Jan 2001, 18:15

I have a 1989 model and agree with most of the points made. Mine has been the most reliable car I have ever owned. I bought it in 1992 with 98k and it has now done 155k.

Oil pressure and compression is almost as new.

The only non service items replaced have been a water pump at 105k, original exhaust at 110k, tailgate struts at 140k, rear calipers and rear discs at 150k.

The only real weaknesses are the bulbs which do blow too often. Servicing costs are cheap as apart from cam belt replacement, I do it myself.