5th Nov 2016, 03:38

If you truly believe any '07 compact car is less crash-worthy than an '88 Volvo, you are wrong.

5th Nov 2016, 19:25

Look up "2009 Toyota Yaris vs 1996 Volvo 945", you'll find that old Volvo 7-9 series may be safe, but not quite as safe as a newer car.

5th Nov 2016, 19:40

Uh, guess who's really wrong: check this out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qBDyeWofcLY or just google Renault Modus Volvo Crash Youtube

5th Nov 2016, 22:13

I don't think anyone is pretending old Volvos are invincible, but they are generally a safe car, and obviously don't compare to anything built 2 decades later.

But unfortunately no matter how good you are, an idiot driver can always crash into you in which case then of course you'd be better off in a modern car, but any injury I received I wouldn't blame whatever car I was in - I'd blame the fool that caused the crash.

The point to remember here is the safest thing about any car is the driver. No amount of progress in vehicle crash protection is worth more than safe driving. I'd happily drive a 60s or 70s car confident in my abilities just as I'd drive a 2016 car feel just as "safe".

7th Nov 2016, 15:44

Yep, no engine in the 940 though! LOL.

8th Nov 2016, 06:04

The engine was there, it went underneath the Volvo as it's designed to do (so it doesn't protrude into the driver's compartment).

Alternatively, here's a test that was not done by a TV station:


8th Nov 2016, 18:41

To be fair, as mentioned before, comparing a Volvo which was effectively put into production on 1982 with any modern car is unfair, although they still put up a good fight! Put a 2009 Volvo against that 2009 Yaris and everyone will know how they compare. In the 80s though, very little could touch a Volvo for safety. Not all modern superminis will do well - especially budget ones - but those made by good manufacturers have come on a long way.