4th Dec 2014, 10:36

I have a 91 780, my little Swedish Muse! I've got 208K miles and just now have to replace a bunch of parts (the original owner used it as a daily work car with ZERO maintenance. I've owned her since 192K).

Where did you get the slotted rotors and pads??? I need to replace mine ASAP. Please let me know at driver@dcemail.com.

6th Dec 2014, 01:35

Still have the car. I got my slotted (and not drilled) discs (all four) on the internet...

4th Jul 2016, 04:45

I am the original poster. It's now been 16 years and @252,673 miles and it still running great. Still the original turbo, Nivomat shocks, driveline, and front shocks. In the last two years had to repaint the upper flat surfaces (hood, roof, trunk) due to sun fade & clear coat failure and constant idle controller. The passenger seat leather is now splitting at the sewn seams on the bottom section and needs replacement. Will do that soon. Still drives like a new vehicle, wow.

4th Jul 2016, 09:27

Good to hear! Mechanically or electrically, I suppose they are like most cars (last if maintained, or luck of the draw), but I do notice that Volvos of that era don't always hold up with the bits and pieces inside like plastic trims and other parts. I hope yours continues to prove exceptional.

4th Jul 2016, 21:28

Yeah, that's great to hear. True Volvo plastics aren't great at that era, but at least their bodies and engines are. Here in the UK, there are hardly any Japanese cars left as they have all rusted away!!!

29th Sep 2018, 19:39

I'm the original owner, still own the car. 256,834 miles and still the original suspension, engine, transmission, driveline, and rear end. The most expensive problem cropped up when the heater core corroded thru. $47 part, $969 labor costs. My mechanic said he'd rather remove, rebuild & reinstall the engine than have to tear the guts out of the console to replace it. Still running great, looks fantastic!

https://780coupe.com/ownership/paul-stowe-2vgw715/ and, best of all, increasing in value :)