1993 Volvo 850 GLT 2.4 N/A from North America


It's a great first car


Some problems I have had with this car is that occasionally, a valve will stick, but that is pretty common in 850's. also recently I had to have my clutch rebuilt and resurfaced, but now, the clutch works great. another thing that is a problem with this car (not to big a deal for some people) is that there aren't many upgrades for it.

General Comments:

This car handles great stock. add some new springs and shocks, and a strut bar, and its amazing. its pretty quick for a NA engine, I have added a few things to it such as a new exhaust system and a better air filter. these things really help the performance of the car. I reccomend this car to anyone getting it for a first car, its safe, and reliable, and it gets really great gas mileage.

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Review Date: 26th February, 2003

1st Mar 2003, 03:58

I have read somewhere,a Volvo users page, that Mobil 1, is good to use because it is thinner than other oils.

31st Jan 2004, 03:27

Also try Castrol GTX Magnetex 5w-30 as used in Ford Zetec engines which are also known to have sticking valves.

1993 Volvo 850 GLT 2.0 20V from UK and Ireland


This car feels like I will last Forever!


One bulb has needed replacing. That's it.

General Comments:

Excellent so far in the month I have had it!

I can't compare this car to my previous Vauxhall Vectra as it's just impossible, the Volvo 850 superseeds it in every way. I bought the car from a friend who had had it from new without any problems AT ALL and has full service history.

I am quite a high mileage driver, mostly motorway driving, and the 850 is excellent and very comfortable.

It has reasonably good acceleration for a car weighing nearly 2 tons with a 2LTR engine, but from 60 on-wards it fly's.

It is built like a tank, but also quite sporty to drive which was a welcome surprise.

Finish and build is the best I've seen, just watch out for front tire wear, you'll get about 8-10,000 from the front ones, and it does pay to get good rubber, I use Continental Eco-Contact.

Overall and excellent buy for me, I had a unreliable V plate Vectra that was in the garage more than I was driving it, got a loan of the Volvo and well bought it!

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Review Date: 23rd January, 2003

1st Mar 2003, 10:13

I have now covered more than 15,000 miles since I got this car and completed a 1200 mile round trip in days and completely and utterly without fault.

To date I have replaced 2 rear tyres, had the car serviced which showed nothing wrong. I have changed the oil with Mobil 1 fully synthetic oil to pro-long engine life further, biggest benefit is although the engine purred away before it is noticeably quieter and smoother.

Average fuel consumption is 32.8 mpg which is impressive I think, although it was 30.6mpg before I put the Mobil 1 oil into the engine.

The car has now covered 116,565 miles and is still in perfect condition.

I recommend these cars to anyone, fuel consumption might be a little higher, but you won't get any other faults.

30th Jan 2004, 10:54

Please can you give me your honest evaluation for fuel consumption on this particular model, as I drive 500km on motorways every week, and the conflicting reviews on fuel consumption are not very helpful to a potential purchaser of a 1993 850 GLT.

Many thanks in advance.

Christian DODD.

13th Jun 2006, 16:41

I have just purchased a very fine looking 850 GLT 2 ltr, 1994 but looks almost new. 97,000 warranted miles drives OK, but my other car is a BMW so performance is not the biggest point, but I did not buy it for that.

Here is the problem - a whine noise that seems to come from clutch area. When you press clutch pedal, it changes pitch. Any comments would be grateful.


25th Jul 2009, 03:15

I'm going to travel 2000 miles total (there and back). My mom is telling me my car will make there, but it may not make it back, and I want to know from someone who knows a lot about cars, if it can travel that far and still run good after, because I go to two different schools and I really need this car. It has 166000 miles on it, and it has had a new transmission put in it. Thank you very much.