1993 Volvo 850 glt from North America


A car that is unfortunately not worth its maintenance costs


Crankcase breather system clogs constantly. This last time it caused so much pressure it blew the rear main seal, (a $1200 fix for the main seal, a $300 fix for the breather element). Why didn't Volvo use a plain-old PCV valve?

The electronic components burn out prematurely, power seats, power antenna, etc. They are all very expensive to replace.

Leather seats wear through prematurely.

Has a tendency to flood in the winter, after which the compression is lost and ATF must be poured in the cylinders. A real pain!

The a/c went out and would be so expensive to fix I just rolled down the windows.

General Comments:

I currently own three 1993 850 GLT's. (One is a parts car). Almost everything is expensive to fix on these cars!

I am going to sell all three cars as soon as possible. I can't afford them anymore. The upkeep has exceeded the value of the cars many times over. I am finally waking up to smell the coffee!

The interior is not thought out at all. There is no place to even set a book in the front. The switches are positioned in inconvenient places. It is virtually impossible to vacuum in between the seats. If you drop something in between the seats - kiss it goodbye.

I hung on to these because of my positive experience with my 740, but this is not at all as good a car as the 740.

Positives are that it is a very attractive, safe car that handles very well and has nice acceleration for a 150 hp engine. They still turn heads today.

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Review Date: 21st November, 2006

1993 Volvo 850 GLT 2.4L from North America


Very reliable, easy on gas, and has a lot of potential. I'm very satisfied


The only problems I have had with this car was a crack on the right side of the radiator, probably happened due to lost of stress under my driving style when I first got the car. The seat back cable needs to be repaired not allowing me to raise the back of my seat.

General Comments:

This car handles very well with a bit of over-steer in turns it stays in its limits, but the back end can slide if you push too much. The brakes are under dimensioned, but can be remedied. The cabin has plenty of room front and back with an extra large sunroof (in comparison) This car had treated me very well and I am currently looking to buy another one, that is how happy I am with it. Though if you plan to look for future upgrades you would want to go with one above a 94".

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Review Date: 26th September, 2005

1993 Volvo 850 GLT (non-Turbo) 2.54 gas from North America


A world class tourer from the land of reindeer and ABBA.


Clearcoat has disintegrated in spots, namely on top edge of rear fenders and trunk-lid. The red finish is otherwise impeccable.

Somehow, the previous owner managed to break the console arm rest and, mirrors in sun visors. Salvage yard replacements work fine.

Bumper rub strips have gone gray with age, yet cleaning agents have restored them to original black.

General Comments:

Interior is well packaged and beautifully trimmed. Leather is soft and of high quality, while plastic switches, and the like, feel and function like a million bucks.

Tight suspension allows for fantastic handling for a sedan, yet produces a rough ride over all, but the most perfect surfaces.

All options work, including original sunroof and trunk mounted CD changer.

Winter traction is better than in any car I can remember.

The car is quick, and the transmission is the best automatic I have ever encountered in a Volvo.

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Review Date: 22nd September, 2005

1993 Volvo 850 SE 2.0 20V petrol from UK and Ireland


The 850 is a great used buy that will last


There was a slight knocking noise from the front suspension that turned out to be the front anti roll bar bushes. Did not affect the handling, but just an annoying rattling noise. Dead easy to replace on the driveway though talking a couple of hours.

Also the Battery failed during the cold weather, but can't really blame Volvo for that as it was a non genuine item.

General Comments:

I think it's a nice looking car, even if some people think it's a bit square and boxy.

Getting used to it now and love it.Quick, smooth and comfortable great to drive and feels really solid. If the worst did happen I would be glad I was inside the 850,it feels really safe. DIY maintenance seems OK so far and the manuals provided with the car are well detailed.

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Review Date: 6th April, 2004