1996 Volvo 850 GLT 2.4 from North America


Second Volvo to save my life.


Oxygen sensor failure.

Stereo kept shorting out.

General Comments:

This was my second Volvo, the first having been destroyed by a tractor trailer.

This car was a great car, I didn't enjoy it as much as my previous 740 in part beacuse of the automatic transmission.

It felt slightly detached in comparison to the 740.

The 850 was a comfortable car to drive, very luxurious, interior very spacious.

Once again Volvo engineering saved my life, I tried to dodge a deer and spun the car and went backwards into a telephone pole at about 40 mph destroying the back of the car, I managed to stumble away from the wreck after kicking the door open (heavy frame damage) but all in all I was fine.

After my experiences my children will drive Volvo's.

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Review Date: 19th November, 2005

31st Jan 2006, 00:27

Volvo has always been a leading innovator in automotive safety. As a technician I have heard countless stories from customers who walked away from fatality car crashes or loved ones whose lives were saved. My sister recently received a 2005 S-40 company car and was broadsided in the driver door at 40mph. The side curtain and airbag saved her pretty face and vital organs from a BIG CHEVY. After she walked away and was given a large SUV rental car she was impressed that her compact car took such a shot. She complained a little about bruising from the pyrotechnic seat belt and airbags, but appreciated what could have been. The car was not totaled due to its boron steel reinforcement and now sports two new left door skins and substructure. Oh well its only a company car. Just so you know I care please don't make left turns from the center lane.

1996 Volvo 850 GLT from North America


Not one bad thing to say..


I have been driving this car for about 5 months now and have had nothing go wrong with it at all..I'm hoping that my good luck keeps going.

General Comments:

From that 12-15 cars that I have owned over the last 6 years I have to say that this sits right next to my fav, my old bmw 540, I think that that says enough about it.. i love this car, it took me a long time to find a glt, 5 speed, wagon, but when I found it and drove it I had to by it. I am I very active person and this car fits everything from buddys to snowboards to my full mountain bike inside it with room to spare.

I am Quite amazed with the performance from speed to handling, before I bought this car the phrase "sport wagon" was a oxymoron to me, but this car proves it. I can take a corner faster then a mustang and god forbid if I did crash I believe that I would be OK.. I inside is as slicks as they come with leather, roof and heated everything.. for a car that's going on 10 years old, this is one that should not be over looked.. Also, I don't care what anyone says about the styling of the wagon, I think its as nice as they come, it's hard to find a car under 30 grand brand new that has to offer what my gleaming silver 96 Volvo 850 glt does.

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Review Date: 9th October, 2005

21st Oct 2005, 20:15

I concur with these sentiments. After seven months of shopping I found a silver 1997 Volvo 850 wagon, all wheel drive, five speed manual gearbox. It will replace a 1984 Volvo Turbo wagon that has been, to date, the best car I have owned. I am a professional driver, advanced driving instructor, and automotive journalist, so I get to sample a lot of different machinery. This vehicle is impressive.

30th Mar 2010, 01:39

I just bought my 5th Volvo - a 1997 850 GLT - it has 233000 miles on the clock. It drives and looks like new. These cars are well over engineered and don't have the reliability issues of newer Volvos caused by cheap sensors. Don't hesitate to buy one - it's one of the best cars ever made.

20th May 2010, 18:17

I bought a 1996 850 estate about a year and a half ago, it had 201,000 miles on the clock and it has been a great car. It is the most comfortable car I have owned, and it has decent speed and response.

Yes I have had to replace a few things; December it needed new suspension wishbones and ball joints - well I would expect this at 230,000 miles.

Now the top strut spring bushing is starting to get noisy, so I will be looking at replacing that this weekend.

Front tyres - it eats through them in about 15,000 miles, whether you get budget ones or expensive, either way they hold the road well, but it accelerates and more importantly stops well, and it's a heavy car so tyre wear has to be expected.

All in all I am happy; if you are technically minded and can do your own work, this car is not impossible to fix.