1996 Volvo 850 CD 2.0 from UK and Ireland


Top class Estate car with great performance


Front wheel bearings replaced at 140K.

Rear wheel bearings at 165K.

Rear brake discs replaced due to rust at 155K.

ABS sensor unit replaced at 160k.

Wiring loom replaced at 160k.

Water Pump replaced at 145k.

Radiator replaced.

General Comments:

This car replaced an 850Se 2-5 20 valve. I find this one much better to drive and fuel economy is great average is 30mpg, which is excellent for an Auto that carries my electric wheelchair all the time. Fixtures and fittings are of high quality and bodywork still rust free. Great motorway car and happy around town.

The ride is much softer than the 20 valve SE and the car quieter. Question is when I change it will a V70 be as good?

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Review Date: 22nd September, 2005

1996 Volvo 850 GLT 2.4L Inline-5 from North America


I loved this car so much, I bought two more of these


My alternator developed a short at 170,000 miles, still worked, but would drain the battery while sitting.

It needed AC accumulator replaced, was leaking at 165,000 miles.

General Comments:

This car has good performance for a non-turbo, the 5-speed which are pretty hard to find helps keep the performance up, they have strong transmissions and clutch systems.

Handling is excellent, especially with the addition of the 17" wheels and 215/40 tires.

These cars are al around great performers, fuel mileage, performance, handling, braking, all the luxury features inside and the lengendary safety of a Volvo, everybody knocks the looks, but I find that appealing also.

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Review Date: 14th September, 2005

1996 Volvo 850 GLT turbo T5 from Guatemala


This car is a dream


A check engine light was on.

Driver seat belt is not working well. I have to pull several times in order to engage it.

General Comments:

This car has great acceleration.

A little noise from outside can be heard. The car is really quiet.

Has a good looking, and has a lot of extras, like an on board computer, sunroof, etc.

Is very stable and responds well at high speeds.

The fuel economy is about 25 km/gal.

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Review Date: 29th March, 2005

1996 Volvo 850 T5 - Station Wagon 2.5 litre petrol from Malaysia


A Fantabulously Fantastic Vehicle for Family or Play


Volvo may have been built for cold countries, but in Malaysia, you can easily see a few things not-so-right lah.

1) The rubber lining at the edge of the doors have effectively worn-out at the driver's door - Salesman agreed to replace.

2) Rear wiper blade worn and torn - Salesman agreed to replace.

3) Electronic Display bulb was burnt - Salesman agreed to replace.

4) Glove-Box cracked at the joint - Salesman refused to replace.

5) Driver's Armrest cracked at the joint - Salesman refused to replace.

6) Noisy Shock Absorbers - especially when negotiating corners at very low speed, like in the basement parking areas - Salesman asked for 50-50 cost payment.

7) Gearbox Oil - Need to change as records of manuals are not available (Hey, what do you expect, it IS a 10-year old car! Besides, many Malaysians aren't known to be petty about keeping records of repairs and services) - Salesman refused to replace.

8) Timing Belt - Need to change, same reason as above. - Salesman refused to replace.

9) Leather seat have started to crack a little. No problem, still a few years before this is unbearable. HAHAH!

10) Under the hood was a bit dirty when I got it. Spent RM50 just to get the mechanic-cleaners to really clean the engine. I was satisfied.

Most of anything else that may need replacing would see me easily going to the nearest 'Kedai Potong' (literally a Cut-Up shop where original used parts are sold, at a fraction of the original new ones)

Oh, in case you lost the manuals, fret not, you may always get a replacement manual from the car manufacturer, even after 10 years, man! Cool, huh. Now you know what you could have been missing.

General Comments:

Thus far, it has only been two weeks since I first took ownership of the car. To be frank, I wanted a car that was reliable, and I was a bit tired of getting our country's national car, the Proton maker or the Perodua maker, or even the other makers that are available in the market, associated to the country. I just wanted to change. But this does not mean I hate Proton cars, nor Perodua, nor Naza or whatever there is down the road. I just wanted a little change from the usual.

A little scheming through the ads and comparing the prices and monthly installments, and I got Volvo 850 T5 Station Wagon. OKay lah, the car is about 10 years old. But the design is still matching to the eye. And the size of the car, WHOAH... Hehehe. My parents were so happy when I brought the car to them. My mom have always asked that I get a bigger vehicle for my family - my wife, a daughter and a son. Now, everyone gets a chance to feel the car.


So far, I have trailed Mercedes S500 and BMW525 on the highway. Anything lesser than that, usually got the smokes of my baby. (Don't worry, clean ones- green engine) Other 4X4s have also tried to outdo the T5 but heheh, sorry lah - What were you guys thinking? Even with a full-load at the back, I was still able to swerve corners and avoid hitting cows on the road (on the way back to wife's parents' home in Kota Bharu). No kidding, dude. I remembered the Wira was not able to perform something like that.

The auto soft-turbo clock-in mechanism really works wonders. But in a heavy-traffic city like Kuala Lumpur, you may need to wait until you get to the highway to be able to floor those pedals. Wooohooo...!


Well, it's not that expEnsive. But it may be expAnsive. Afterall, the tank holds 70 litres! A full tank can easily see you forking out RM100 at the cashier (and they have also started taking about more increases in petrol price -argghhhh!!!) It can't beat my Wira - that's for sure, even with the MIVEC modifications and monster-tyres and all.

Use the Electronic Display Indicators to learn to tune up your revving while on the road. Those indicators, while are general and standard features on most other Continental / European cars are considered luxury items on Malaysian-soiled cars.


Dude, you won't believe what you can put in the back seat. As the rear seat may be folded further, you have more opportunities to carry more loads (or perform more than you expect) *wink*wink* If you think the space INside the car is still insufficient, try putting them OUTside (i.e. on the roof!) with the Roof-Rack pieces. Perhh! Now you can get like a really great performance car, and be able to carry loads as well.

Be careful not to overdo it, though. Or you'll look like a 'Moving Cupboard'!


WHile some of my friends contend that the car is one of the cheapest Continental cars around, I have my reservations. Something as good as this, couldn't possible be that cheap. The Swedish manufacturer have also offered a special promotion for servicing cars in excess of 6 years old on Malaysian soil - at least they have all the expertise. Check out local newspapers for details.


Married or not, how could you refuse to reply a smile offered by babes in sleek BMWs and Merces when at traffic-lights. Careful though, your wives may just retaliate. Ahaks.


I hope I am not exaggerating, but you can see improvements in the manner the boss treats you. They'll occasionally drop by your cubicle with the occasional "So, how's the VOLVO doing?" interlude quickies. Now, both you and him know that he didn't actually wanted an answer for that question.


I bought it for RM65K, while market traded between RM62K to RM70K. It's not the cheapest, but I am sure it's one of the best available in the market. No wonder most 850 T5 owners won't be selling, even if you're interested. Only the ones looking to upgrade would.

I really love this car. I really love this car. I really love this car. (But the minute it has to go, I will not hesitate)... :)

"Once You're a Burden, Out The Door You Go!!!"

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Review Date: 22nd February, 2005

18th Nov 2005, 01:18

I would agree that the T5 is a superb car. Mostly. I have own one for about a year now. It is a little manja where maintenance is concern. But hey you want a beaut, you pay for it. One big let down for me was when the gear box failed going into 4 months of ownership. Cost me about RM3K to get the damn thing fixed. Now traces of gearbox problems still exist esp when engaging the reverse gear.

Over all it's a love hate relationship with my Volvo. Love it for its performance and road-safe environment. Hate it for what its costing me to be able to enjoy it. Petrol wise, well what can I say. With the escalating price of petrol I do cry and bleed from time to time. Use to cost me RM85-00 for a full tank. But now its about RM110-00. Go figure...