1994 Volvo 940 2.3 from North America


Best value for money spent


This model does not have a limited slip differential as my previous models had. Limited slip is almost a necessity in the northern part of the continent for winter travel.

General Comments:

This car is extremely solid, has excellent control and its comfort is a bonus.

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Review Date: 24th April, 2005

14th Sep 2006, 11:25

I'd be surprised if your '94 940 doesn't have the limited-slip differential. My '95 940 and '93 940 turbo both do. I'm sure yours does as well. And yes, it is a great feature, as long as your wheel isn't spinning so fast that when the limited-slip differential engages it causes both rear wheels to spin. I had a very scary situation happen because of that. I was attempting to quickly turn left while taking off from a stop. The left wheel spun really hard and it caused the the limited slip differential to engage, which caused both rear wheels to spin (This was in the '93 940 turbo). It made the car's rear-end swing out wildly 90 degrees in the middle of the intersection and almost caused me to hit another car. It sure made me aware of the limited-slip feature, I'll tell ya that!

6th Nov 2012, 23:33

The 940 cars did not have limited slip differentials, they had Eaton lockers in them. That is why it suddenly engaged on you. Just a little bit of friendly info :)

1994 Volvo 940 945TG (Turbo Wagon) 2.3 turbo from North America


The 945TG is a great car


The automatic transmission up-shift controller was replaced at 50,000 miles. The cost was low.

The plastic radiator neck cracked at 75,000 miles. The cost was low.

General Comments:

The car (945TG - Turbo Wagon) has lived up to my expectations, which were quite high given the relative cost when purchased.

The car has always started and performed as required. It has never left us stranded.

The turbo engine has over 150,000 miles and is still running strong. There are no fluid leaks of any type.

Due to a simple design the regular maintenance items are easy to perform.

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Review Date: 29th September, 2004

1994 Volvo 940 from North America


Great ride, but has not been 'care-free'. The air bag disaster spoiled my taste for this car


Cruise control has not worked since I've had the car.

Radio stopped working one cold winter morning. It won't find or stay on a tuned station. The tape player still works fine. I've also had to replace both rear speakers.

Recently it has started to electronically switch into low gear by itself.

Had a very low impact collision at less than 5MPH. Both air bags blew up. The cover to the passenger side air bag smashed the front window. The front seat belts would no longer extend themselves and had to be replaced. This was not a fun experience. The impact did not even scrape the dirt off the front bumper!

Fabric on drivers seat has worn a hole on the door side. The car is low and it is almost impossible to get in without rubbing your body, (my butt), along the outside edge.

Car is sluggish going up hills with a full load of passengers.

General Comments:

Ride is very smooth and comfortable.

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Review Date: 20th August, 2003

24th Apr 2005, 05:07

I have just recently purchased a 1994 940 that suffered the same problem as you had in regards to the air bag and seat belts. I got a really good deal on the car it only has 164kms on the clock. I replaced the windshield, put the dash back together minus the air bags and released the seat belts by disconnecting the gas charged cylinders located in the lower door post. The car runs perfectly and will for the future. This is my fifth Volvo, I have had a 76 242,80 240,84 245 turbo wagon,88 740GLE and now this one. I am well satisfied.

1994 Volvo 940 2.4 gas from North America


A well engineered and very comfortable vehicle offering good driving satisfaction


As told to me by the previous and original owner (he is my next door neighbor) :

Ground wire not secured properly causing the battery to die. Dealer was not able to locate the problem. Owner is by trade an electrician and discovered the faulty ground. Owner proved his point to the dealer resulting in the dealer replacing the battery for free.

Timing belt broke at around 100,000 miles. Owner should have had this taken care of before it snapped. A different dealer serviced the car for the timing belt and all is well.

General Comments:

I am in the process of purchasing this car at this time. I am writing this because I took this car for a test drive and what I discovered might help someone else in their decision making process to purchase this model.

The test drive consisted of cruising through 3 states. It lasted for several hours and I logged about 150 miles. I put this car in many traffic situations from 60 mph to stop and go beltway traffic for miles. I traveled country back roads and city streets. In my travels, I felt at all times like I was sitting at home in my favorite chair listening to the stereo.

This model handles very well. It gives enough road feed back to keep you connected, but soaks up the miles while you drive. Steering is as if on rails. Wiggle the steering wheel a little at 55 and one can see how busy the car is maintaining its course.

Parking this vehicle is easy. Negotiating slim lanes in a parking garage and turning sharp corners was a breeze. This car appears to be narrow in a parking space. This helps other cars to not bang the sides with their doors. On the street is a different sensation as it maintains the presence of the space it occupies. It seems that others driving around me seem to give more respect than I am accustomed to when I need to change a lane.

Gas consumption was low enough. For 8 years I normally drive a Camry with a 2.0, fuel injection and automatic. It sips gas. Comparing the gas usage of the Volvo was on the same roads I travel with the Camry.

Also like to make a brief mention that I understand now why you see so many Volvos in Bolivia. That is one mountainous country.. very rugged. Volvo trucks are everywhere pulling those mountains. This little 2.4 4 cylinder gives me the same sensation as it climbs hills. The 4 speed automatic transmission has good shift points for all types of driving situations.

Not knocking Toyota (I have three, a Tercel, Camry and a Tacoma 4x4) but my first impression of the Volvo in the first miles was "refined" driving. Remember now, this is a 9 year old car with 142000 miles that popped my Toyota bubble.

I only have one complaint sort of. No coffee cup holders. I guess the Swedes are not allowed to drink and drive.

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Review Date: 26th April, 2003

30th Apr 2003, 08:15

I entered the information above and later noticed a typo. The engine is a B230 or 2.3 inline fuel injected four cylinder, not a 2.4 as stated. I had this car pre-purchase inspected by Volvo and found the cylinder compression to be within 5 pounds of each other. All other mechanics were excellent. This car with routine care may last until I am 70.