1992 Volvo 960 Estate 2.9 V6 from Belgium


A very solid investment


Absolutely nothing.

The previous owner never had problems with the car, he just wanted the new model.

General Comments:

I bought this full-option car for about 6250 Euro after an intensive information-search on the Internet. Although it has a rather high mileage, the engine and the bodywork are as new. According to other 960-owners, it can easily run up to 700.000 km.

It has all the advantages of a big family car, but it runs and handles as a small sports car. Very well built, and very well designed.

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Review Date: 13th January, 2002

8th Feb 2006, 04:49

I use this comment section to add additional info on my 1992 965.

The car has done 327.500km now, and is still cruising as smooth as new. I had the car converted to run on LPG at 210.000km, so it's as cheap to run as an average new diesel.

There were a few minor problems: a faulty valve-train sensor and a computer that controls the ignition. The rear suspension is sagging a bit because of the weight of the LPG-installation.

But besides that, the engine goes on. This old brick reached a speed of 195km/h at the German autobahn last year.

5th May 2006, 06:11

In addition to the previous comment:

At 332.800km the engine is dead. The engine started to lose coolant. First, it was diagnosed as a leaking head-gasket, but when it was to be repaired, it turned out that the engine itself was leaking. It seems that the coolant made the engine block corrode, and eventually it made holes. It all happened very quick. Some early 1992 960's had this problem, but mine is a late 960 and I thought this should have occurred already since the car is 14 years old.

I'm going to miss it.

1992 Volvo 960 Estate 2.9 straight six from UK and Ireland



General Comments:

14 months moderate use. No faults except slow to start once.

Very comfortable motorway cruiser. Engine very smooth & good torque.

Fuel costs high but lower than I'd expected.

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Review Date: 31st January, 1999

6th Feb 2001, 22:05

Own a Volvo 960 '97. This car sucks. Never had 2000 miles without some problem. I don't think I will ever buy Volvo again.

13th May 2001, 11:21

Just bought a Volvo 960 3 litre 24 valve which started loosing transmission oil! Guess where it went? That's right, straight into the coolant header tank. Damn am I annoyed. Apparently this is a common fault on auto transmissions and though I've owned 9 autos, 5 of them Volvos, this has never happened before.

Oh well, when the dealer I purchased it from has repaired it, it will be a fanastic car and a joy to drive (I hope!).

24th Aug 2001, 10:55

You guys bought some pretty sour lemons!

28th Nov 2004, 11:11

For those who bought sour lemons, good luck with your next purchase which might be cream with sugar!

4th Mar 2006, 09:22

I've just bought my first Volvo - a 1992 960 Estate. It has 170,000 on the clock, though it did - according to the bills that came with the car - have an exchange engine and auto box around the 90,000 mark.

But it soon developed a niggling fault. The lights on the W, S and E selector button for the auto box continually flash for no reason, and the arrow warning lamp on the dashboard does likewise.

The fluid level is OK and the car drives as per normal. Anybody have any idea what the fault is - and can I fix it myself? glennsmart (at) btinternet.com.

27th Apr 2006, 14:03

To the previous writer with the flashing W, S and E: you probably have a faulty PNP-switch. Check out www.brickboard.com for more info.

3rd Aug 2006, 15:09

Or the Volvo Owners Club forums! www.volvoclub.org.uk