2008 Volvo C70 T5 turbo from Turkey


Great car, hands down! Recommended strongly!



General Comments:

Very powerful car; 230 HP and you can feel it.

Obviously great looks! Definite head turner! Much better looks than BMW, Mercedes etc. A very classy car.

Great DYNAUDIO system! Best car audio I have ever heard (if you are looking to buy one, go search for one with a DYNAUDIO system built in! It is NOT THE SAME without it, and it's definitely worth the extra money).

Stylish interior and leather seats.

I was looking for a 4 seater cabriolet. This is it. Great backseats, but doesn't spoil the 'Cabriolet' looks... thanks to the timeless 'Pininfarina' design.

The thing I don't like so much is the fuel consumption. But I can live with it, because it is a super strong car.

Top safety pick from crash tests...

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Review Date: 19th March, 2014

14th May 2014, 21:06

Volvo car come with true audio systems, even the base models. I hear owners of other car brands complaining about paying extra for some Bose systems with 14 speakers that still don't deliver quality audio. Volvo got this right even with the standard audio; impressive power and sound clarity. I can't imagine how much better an upgraded audio system will sound in these cars; must be quite an experience.

15th May 2014, 17:36

I must agree as the stereo's in our previous Volvo's have been great. However, we have the Dynaudio upgrade in our V50 and it's simply superb! I have never heard a better system. The clarity is great and Volvo have actually put thought into the system, with extra speakers in prime locations, etc as well as speaker upgrades. Well done Volvo!