31st May 2002, 23:35

My '85 240 DL has some major rust forming in the wheel wells and the bottoms of the rear fenders. I'm just going to let then rust out completely and then I'll replace then with a couple of good used fenders from the local junk yard. That should do the trick! I hate bondo!

8th Feb 2007, 23:32

I just purchased a 1985 volvo DL 4 door sedan with 233,000 miles. I have all the service records going back to 1985. I am the third owner, and I can't believe how nice this car is. I've own used Japanese cars and they are not put together as well as the Volvo. As far as gas mileage, if I can get 20 miles to the gallon, I bought it for a work car because my truck gets 11 miles per gallon. I enjoy this car very much, and I would like to hear from other Volvo owners. My e-mail is par8ott@yahoo.com.

8th Nov 2007, 01:55

I am in serious need of a car to carry me from a totally breaking down automobile to one that I would like when I can afford it.

I'm not sure of the year or mileage, but someone has offered to sell me the last model of the DL Volvo Wagon.

All I know is that it is a one-owner, well maintained car. Any garden-variety advice, considering my complete lack of any sort of knowledge about this car I am thinking about buying?

3rd Apr 2008, 20:14

I have been a Volvo fan for many years, and have owned several, starting with a 1971 140 wagon that I bought in 1983. I am now driving a 1998 V70 that has 150,000+, and looks and drives like new. But nothing beats the 240s. So recently, when my daughter got her license, we went looking for a safe, reliable car for a new driver. I was thrilled to find a 1985 DL sedan with only 69,000 original miles! Literally a car driven by a little old lady, only to church on Sundays. Imagine, a 23 year old car in like new condition. I think the only one ever in the backseat was her cat, as evidenced by the amount of cat hair on the upholstery. Not a scratch on it, interior like new, original spare tire that's never been on the ground. An absolute steal at $1000.00! All we did was drop a new battery in it, and drove it home. And according to the little old lady's grandson, it had been sitting for two years.

I've already told my daughter that if she ever decides to get another car, I want this one back! Looks and drives like a tank. Gotta love it.

22nd Apr 2008, 23:47

I have just acquired a 1985 DL from a friend and his wife, it has 103000 miles on it and he has maintained it (a Volvo nut).

All I can say is WOW, it looks like it will not be anything but a box driving down the highway but IT (BLUE SUE) was at 110kmh before I knew it. IF this car lasts another 6 years, my son wants this over the Saturn. The Saturn was his choice and he still highly regards the car "but the Volvo is vintage DAD it is cool". I like the fact the kids are safe in it. I do not care about box shape; it is unsophisticated. Drive it and you will love it too.

19th May 2008, 15:18

A friend just gave an us an 85! FREE! It needed only 200.00 dollars worth of parts. Alternator valve cover gasket, and timing belt. Got a friend mechanic that did the work for free, so yeah, a 200.00 dollar car! It handles well and moves out of its own way pretty good.

20th Jul 2008, 00:10

I bought my 85' 240 DL in 87. It has 140,000 miles and has been a great car. It has a great body and interior and still has get up and go. Now after all these years it is having some issues. The bearings in the motor for air and heat make a terrible noise. They tell me that it will cost as much or more than the car is worth to pull the dash and fix the problem. The dash may or may not go back together in one piece which could be a cosmetic issue. Has anyone else out there had this problem and did the dash really have to be pulled to get to the motor? My family has been after me for years to get rid of it and buy new. I just can't seem to let go.

22nd Apr 2009, 14:30

I bought my 1985 DL in 2002 with only 70K miles on it. At 90K, the timing belt broke on my way home. I was embarrassed because 1) I know better than to let it go beyond its service life, and 2) I was very worried that the engine was trashed.

My second concern was unwarranted. The engine design of the 2.3L can handle a broken timing belt without bending or breaking anything. Replacement is straightforward: align the marks on the pulleys with corresponding marks on the new belt. Volvo engineers made it easy. I didn't change the belt tensioner pulley; it should last until the next time the belt needs replacement.

The most recent repair was last year at 96K miles. It needed brakes, including front rotors, and a weird growl was heard when driving. Its pitch increased to a howl as speed increased. My mech said it was a bad drive shaft bearing. The bearing spun inside its rubber mount, which caused the howl. "Sven" runs great once again.

Now I'm interested in replacing the radio. Seems I've heard there's an amplifier hidden somewhere that needs to be removed before a replacement unit can be installed. Anyone know where it is? Any complications doing it?

28th Sep 2009, 20:12

O.K. I just pulled a '85 Volvo Wagon on a car dolly, which I had basically stored (outside) at my dad's. It was a freebie.

The guy said the water pump was out. The radiator was out and everything was apart up to the front of the motor. I had to replace the timing belt and I timed it right, even though I may have been a tooth off. I pulled the dist. out and retarded it a tooth because I couldn't back it off manually as I was at the end of the track.

It runs great. However, it doesn't start unless I squirt gas or starting fluid in the intake by pulling off a rubber hose. I had old gas in it and added E85 to boost the Octane. That helped the old gas ping. I also added new gas 87.

Question. Can the cold start valve be malfunctioning or is it the old gas, which may have water in it, and will it start or clean itself out from driving it?

Let me know at sothunder.john@gmail.com