1984 Volvo DL B230F 2.3L from North America


The Perfect Car.


-High Beam Switch.

-Rear Brakes and Rotors.

-Needed a new rack and pinion.

Not bad for $300 is all I can say.

General Comments:

Well I bought this car for $300. I knew this car needed work. The engine looped when it idled for about 5 minutes until it was fully warmed up. It had a substantial amount of rust all over the car, the odometer and speedometer didn't work and it needed new brakes, so a lot was wrong with it. But I did fix everything except the odometer and speedometer. The car ran great! For $300, I had so much fun and made so many memories with that car. It is the safest, and most simplistic car to work on, hands down. The previous owner of this car showed me a scratch in the bumper where a 94 Mustang slammed into him at 40MPH. After that I was sold on the car, and 240s! Unfortunately the car had a lot of rust and rot, so the car would not pass R.I. inspections.. So it sits in my yard.

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Review Date: 1st December, 2004

18th Jul 2005, 10:22

Rust is the ONLY thing that will kill a 240 and even very rusted, they are designed NOT to become unsafe : suspension mounting points, etc are always sound.

If one can find a rust-free specimen and keep it that way, the Volvo 240 will last - indefinitely - they are as well built as the better (older) Mercedes and simpler to repair.

However a badly rusted one can drive you crazy with electrical problems - a leaky winshield seal can let water into the fuse box (no fun at all) and really mess the entire electrical system. But that can be fixed...

27th Jul 2008, 23:50

How did you fix the engine idling problem?

1983 Volvo DL from North America


It's been an average car


Recently had to have the transmission rebuilt at a cost of $1,800.

Just after the transmission we had to have rear springs & rear suspension parts replaced at a cost $500.

As of today 2/6/04 it's in the shop having the differential checked due to a clunk noise when shifting & cornering. Ballpark cost $650 - $1,000.

General Comments:

The car was very economical for many years. I have put a second water pump on it recently and have gone through the front brakes for a second time. Other that routine repairs nothing major until recently.

With the trans. & rear end going out within weeks of each other, I'm going to keep my fingers crossed for the motor.

The car still looks great. It has the original paint and the interior is showing some wear.

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Review Date: 6th February, 2004

29th Jul 2004, 07:02

I just bought a DL 1983 Volvo from a old lady that lives near me. The car is all original and has had only one owner. It has 128,000 miles on it. It is a great car to drive. I bought the car for $400 because the women had to get rid of it before she moved to Florida. The car is very versatile.

1985 Volvo DL 2.3L 4 cylinder. from North America


Does what it's supposed to do... and it does it very well!


Nothing yet! :)

The water pump was replaced just before I bought the car, but that's it.

General Comments:

What a great car! It's ugly and quite slow, but it does what all cars are supposed to do very well... get you from point A to point B safely, reliably, and cheaply... plus it's so comfy!

I just bought this car not too long ago and so far it's a super car! I do wish it was prettier though. It looks like an army tank. But I guess that's o.k. considering that it runs and drives like and army tank. I'd rather drive an ugly, but safe car than drive a pretty car that's a death trap like some umm... other cars.

Now, the performance is definitely not hot-rod fast, but it gets out of it's own way when it needs to. 0-60 time is about 13 seconds...that's pretty slow for todays standards, but not 1985 standards. Even though this car is tall and square, it handles better than any other 4-door sedan I've driven. It eats up curvy roads! Braking isn't bad, but it isn't great either. I had to slam my brakes on the other day doing about 60mph and I didn't think I was ever going to stop! The car did brake very straight, which can be very important, though. I've driven other cars that wag their tail and slide sideways when you have to slam on the brakes.

Ooh...this car is comfortable! I've heard other Volvo owners say that Volvo makes some of the most comfortable car seats, so I know I'm not crazy! The seats in front and back are soft, yet supportive... I don't mean hard as a rock when I say "supportive" like some people say! I actually like the seats in the Volvo 740 better, but that's o.k. because my seats are comfy too. I'm the average height for a male and even though the steering wheel is not adjustable, it's in a perfect position for me... not too high or too low. All of the controls on the dash are placed well and are easy to reach and operate, except for the radio, which is mounted way down at the bottom of the dash near the floor. Who's bright idea was that? I've noticed that on newer versions of this car, the radio is mounted above all other controls at the top... smart thinkin'!

Now, as far as running costs, these Volvos hardly ever break down or require unusual repairs, so running costs are quite inexpensive in that respect. When they actually do break down or require unusual repairs, they can be, and usually are, expensive. With fuel prices as high as they are now, I'm disappointed with the fuel economy of this car. I get about 25mpg on the highway with the A/C off. And NO, I don't have a lead foot. That's pretty bad for a car with a 4-cylinder engine! It's not turbo charged and it doesn't have a whole lot of horsepower to compensate. Most cars with this size engine and horsepower get over 30mpg. I'm thinking of having a V-8 dropped in my car, so I shouldn't complain about fuel costs I guess. Yes, you CAN get a V-8 put in one of these older Volvos! Woo-hoo!

Overall though, this is a very good car. What this car may lack in appearance and performance, it makes up for in reliability. Putting 200,000 miles or more on the original engine and transmission in one of these cars is the norm... without any oil leaks or major engine work! I'd like to see that from any American or Japanese car! Oh yeah, you can pick up an older Volvo like this for practically nothing! Buy one if you can find one!

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Review Date: 9th September, 2001

21st May 2002, 21:16

I had some trepidation before buying this car (1985 Volvo DL Wagon) because it had 145,000 miles on it. But when I got on the highway and realized how smoothe riding this car was, those feelings of insecurity went away. After reading this article, it's reassuring to know that I have at least 55,000 miles to go before a major breakdown. And that should be a long time from now. So I'm gonna take care of this baby. And boy... did I get it for a steal. Only paid $700.00 for it. Any comments on what to do about the wheel well rust?