19th Mar 2008, 22:46

My elderly mom switched from a Lincoln Town Car to a Volvo S-60 in 2006. I find the car rough, uncomfortable, cramped, slow, and generally unsatisfying. If I bought ANY new American made car and it smoked or used any oil in the first 200,000 miles I'd be LIVID. I can't fathom saying you'd buy another oil-burning new car that has no power, smokes and has bad brakes!!

If this were a review about an AMERICAN car, everyone would be calling it "domestic crap". From 1984 until her last Lincoln in 2006, mom never had a single problem with any of her Lincoln's and definitely didn't have any that smoked or used oil. Before mom got her 2006 S-60, I had considered leasing an S-40. After driving her Volvo I decided to stick with solid and well built GM or Ford vehicles. Needless to say, mom isn't very happy with her S-60 either.

30th Apr 2008, 04:14

I cannot believe what this guy is saying: the solid built GM and Ford? American cars and Lincolns have proven themselves to have terrible reliability and terrible mileage. I have had a few Volvos in my life; the only thing I find wrong with the Volvos type is the suspension is kinda harsh, and the steering is too responsive.

22nd Aug 2008, 11:00

Interesting comment on the pedals being too close together. I had the same trouble in my Volvo 240. I'm not a huge, hulking guy by any means...5'7" 155lbs size 9 shoe and more than once, especially in emergency situations where I hit the brakes quickly, my foot pressed both gas and brake at the same time. One time it almost caused an accident. I've driven different year 240's and they all were the same way. How do car companies overlook such a design issue especially if it can be considered safety related?

11th May 2009, 11:30

OK. I respect the OP comments but there are some things I find hard to believe. I have the T5 version of the this car and it is a monster. For such a smaller platform, this handles and acts like a sports car more than a four door sedan. I have to be very careful about "peeling out" and it goes 100 mph without even so much as a shutter.

I am 6'3" 235 lbs... I am a big guy, and there is plenty of room for me. There is a dark spot on the drivers side of the ceiling, because my head does come over close to it.

This is simply the fineist piece of machinery I have ever owned or driven. I turn heads all the time with it, and I have a hard time trying to keep my wife from stealing it. I highly recommend this car.

19th Nov 2009, 08:14

FYI: Volvo is Ford, and these new cars are made by Ford.

18th Dec 2010, 00:57

Hah, you would be lucky to get an American car to even go 200,000 miles these days. And when they were reliable, the steering column of that "sturdy" Lincoln would have gone through granny's face. Sure, Volvo's aren't perfect, but they lead in safety, always. Including related area's like braking.

American cars have been crap for a long time, as the companies made all the money off the SUV craze. Just in the last few years, have they started to turn things around in the car department, after all of them nearly went under and had to restructure themselves, most notably Ford, who owned Volvo, and has learned a lot from working with Mazda and other foreign car companies.

22nd Jun 2012, 21:08

Eating oil and blowing smoke at 28,000 miles? And you're probably still making payments on this NEW car? I don't know how people put up with something like that. Using a little oil in any motor is not necessarily unusual or a big problem, but if the car is smoking, there is something WRONG with it. If it happens any more, make the dealer fix it. I like Volvos, but they should focus on being a luxury brand; the S40 feels very cheap to drive. The interior is also inexcusably cheap. It's not luxurious at all, and in fact the VW Jetta's interior (2005) is far superior in materials and fit.

Also, to anyone concerned, before safety features were mandatory across the board, Volvos were safer. But now, although they are just as safe as anything on the road, they aren't superior to the mainstream brands. I love how people believe they're so much safer riding in a Volvo... but it's all marketing hype!! I fix cars for a living (bodywork), and in the new S40, S60, and S80, Volvo does not put a high-strength reinforcement beam in the rear passenger doors. So much for side-impact safety!! They are the only brand I've seen that has stopped doing that... but don't worry, the front doors still have them. If you are putting your kids in the back seat, I suggest they sit in the middle if possible.

25th Jun 2012, 13:07

I have to disagree with the above guy... Volvo is still leagues ahead. Yes, all cars are safe and strong now... but Volvo is ahead when it comes to inventing safety equipment and installing it (the new V40 is the first car in the world with a pedestrian airbag!!!).

Volvo have a dedicated safety center in Sweden, and spend more money than ANY other manufacturer on safety (that's the main reason Ford brought them in the first place).

No side bars in the rear? Pull the other one... check the tests, Volvo comes out top on side impact protection!

3rd Nov 2013, 11:17

I have to disagree with the 2.4 engine with automatic transmission being slow in city driving. I have the S60 with the same engine, a heavier car, and not only I have no issues pulling from a light, but often times I find myself ahead of other cars. Acceleration from a stop is good, but gas mileage is another story.