14th Mar 2004, 12:48

I bought a 2000 Volvo S40 for my 17 year old daughter and ever since there have been problems with the brakes. When the car is cold (AM) there is no brake assist and the pedal becomes hard. My daughter has almost gotten into three separate accidents because of this malfunction. We took it to our local Volvo dealership and they reported that there was condensation in the vacuum pump. We took the car back to the dealership from which we bought it and the first time they said that they fixed it. We did this three times and the car is still not fixed. I obtained a sample notification letter, written by Volvo North America, from an anonymous source that said this:

"March 2004

Volvo cars north America, LLC (Volvo) has decided that a defect related to motor vehicle safety exists in certain model year 2000 S40 and V40 vehicles. Under certain circumstances, water may enter the electrical brake vacuum pump, causing the pump to not function. This will require more brake force to stop the vehicle. However, this is primarily noticed at cold start. This limited braking power can affect the vehicle's stopping performance, increasing the risk of a crash. Corrective action will be to replace the vacuum pump with a new pump of a modified design. This new pump will be placed in a new location to prevent water intrusion. This will be performed at no charge."--Recall 129: Brake vacuum pump.

19th Jul 2004, 20:23

My wife has had her 2000 S40 recalled for the brake vacuum problem. I've noticed, and how could one NOT notice, that the added compressor makes an inordinate amount of noise, not just when the car is starting up, but at various times when driving. Has anyone else noticed this? Does anyone else think this may affect the resale of the car or is it just me?

28th Jul 2004, 08:45

I bought a used 2001 Volvo S40 under warranty, September 2002. I found a few minor problems with it that were repaired under warranty and have had no major problems until now. Currently it has 65483 miles, it is out of warranty, and the front axles are bad. During acceleration, the front end shakes and vibrates violently until the accelerator is released. I called the dealer that I have had service the car in the past. They said the car was warranted for 4 yrs/50,000 miles and that I should call Consumer Affairs. I called Consumer Affairs and they said they would only "review the problem for consideration" if it had under 60000 miles, or if the Service Manager from the dealership requested it. Since my car had slightly more miles than that, they wouldn't review it. I was told to call my dealer and see if they would "bend the rules" for me since I am their customer.

The Consumer Affairs agent implied that since I had this "relationship" with the dealer, I may get some relief. Well, I did not purchase the car from the dealer and only had it serviced there a couple of times - "they don't know me from Adam" and won't help. Sounds like the "run-around" to me.

The non-Volvo repair guys I have consulted with all agree that the axles shouldn't go out at 60,000 miles, more like 160,000 miles, yet Volvo refuses to even review my case.

It looks like Volvo won't help me repair their defective product and I will have to pay for it myself. How many thousands of dollars will that cost?

5th Oct 2004, 08:44

I live in Buffalo, NY and we have one dealership that services Volvo and it is a joke. My S 40 has been in the shop every other month (no lie)! I feel I am really stuck with Culligan being the one and only in Buffalo. Overall, my S 40 has been a true pain. One problem after another.


18th Oct 2004, 17:02

Just had my 30,000 miles service last Friday. Immediately after that, the vibration from my steering wheel is very noticeable. I thought it would go away, but it seems to stay. I returned the car Monday to have it checked. They looked at the engine mounts, said they're fine. The service advisor said service didn't find anything wrong with it. But it's just not the same after the 30k (and they cleaned the throttle body). I was told they run a diagnostic test and no problems were indicated. I'm bringing it in to another Volvo service place. Did I miss something? Should I be more specific than "that the vibration changed after the 30k service?" Help! Please advise what else I should tell them. Thanks.

15th Jan 2005, 13:57

I bought my 2000 S40 Volvo through the European Delivery program... I loved the fact that I was able to fly to Sweden, pick up my car, and visit with friends. I anxiously awaited my car's arrival... when it did come, I thought that I had really received the good end of a deal...wrong! This car has been in and out of the shop so often that even the service manager has taken note... I would say that it is in the shop once or twice every other month (at the least)...I have had the brake problem, the axle problem, air pump (or something of this nature), leak in something, warning light problems, inside lights that highlight the buttons problem, cup holder problem, etc... it has been awful... I have been a Volvo customer for years... even still own a 1990 240 that I will probably keep forever...but, sadly, I have bought my last Volvo... I have just returned from the Audi and Saab dealerships... I am looking at both of those...can't afford the service fees and time out with Volvo anymore... I feel like I have been betrayed by a beloved relative...

2nd May 2005, 12:11

I got my 2000 S-40 in November, and I've been having trouble with the car not starting when I turn the key. It just took 30mins of key turning in 90 degree weather just now to keep from being stranded Has anyone else had this problem? Let me know what you did to fix it. Thanks!


10th May 2005, 11:36

Hi...I am a recent buyer of the 2000 S40. Only problem I have so far is that there is a fairly audible chirp in the wheels when they turn, then disappears when the brakes are pressed. I've never owned a Volvo. Is this the usual sound it makes when it's time to change the pads? Am concerned after reading these messages on this site.

Thanks for all comments to donegal17@msn.com.

22nd Jun 2005, 15:17

I just like to be added to the long list of people complaining about unbelievably short lives of headlamps and rear brake pads. Unbelievable and unacceptable!

29th Jun 2005, 13:39

I bought a 2000 volvo about 14 months ago. I have had it cut off on me about 8 times. This usually happens when I am at a light or in a drive thru. It just shuts down and I have to reprogram the radio. Once it happened when I was slowly pulling out of a store going about 10 miles. This is very scary and was wondering if this has happened to anyone else.

28th Sep 2005, 08:03

I just recently purchased a 2001 S40 with 68,000 miles on it.

The CV axles were bad. The dealer wanted over $500 each, but I got rebuilt ones for $174 each at raxles.com. They will probably last longer than Volvo's.

I also have the "Check Engine" light problem.