4th Mar 2007, 20:58

My 2002 s40 has 43,000 miles on it and I have just paid an extortionate amount of money to repair my thermostat. I had it replaced once before at 22,000 miles. I suppose I need to get rid of the car before I hit 63,000 miles or else I may get stuck with another bill for a thermostat. I have now replaced 4 rotors and pads, had numerous lights replaced, had the blower fixed, and paid for a part to fix my locks (my car was locking itself). The car is a waste of space and money. This is a small list of all the issues that I have had with this car. Let's not forget to mention the $200+ services!!

14th Mar 2007, 11:29

I have had my S-40 for four years. The start of our relationship went well. Since the second year it has become the bane of my existence due to repairs. My worst pet peeve I think now is that the engine light comes on frequently and stays on. I used to get it to shut off by releasing the gas cap, but not anymore. I wish I knew how to shut it off myself.

Any comments: jhnnah@yahoo.com.

26th Mar 2007, 15:58

I bought a 2000 Volvo S40 with 32000 in 2003.

I had problems with it since I drove it off the lot.

I returned to the dealership with the shaking at 60mph. They balanced the tires. This does not work.

I also have an electrical problem. The heated seats do not work. When I replace the fuse it burns out within seconds. The directionals don't work when it rains. Sometimes I can get them to work again if I hit the hazards for a second, and then use the directionals.

The sunroof leaks.

The driver side window button does not work in the center console.

It is terrible in the snow. When I use the winter driving button, it makes it worse. I live in New England, and we have many different weather situations.

The brakes don't work the greatest. I have had them replaced, but they still are not the greatest.

The check engine light comes on. I brought it back to the dealership 3 times, and they do not know what's wrong with it. They just reset it.

Both rear coils have actually split in half.

I recently tried to trade it in for a jeep, but they would not give me what I owe. They offered my $2,000.

The Volvo now has 85,000.

The one thing I love about this car and why I bought the car, is it is really comfortable to drive. I love the leather seats and sunroof (even though it leaks). I thought Volvo cars were built to last, but I guess I must have bought a lemon.

I would not buy another Volvo. My family is a Jeep family and I should have stayed to what we know.

29th Mar 2007, 11:42

My car has run very well. It's at 142,000 miles and the only repair I need is a new battery and thermostat, typical "spring cleaning" type items to install. I couldn't be happier with the vehicle.

4th Apr 2007, 10:34

2000 Volvo S40 72K miles

Just this year

Oil filter casing broken, leaking

Thermostat and TCM sensor

Front Axles replaced

Front strut bearings and plates broken

Motor mounts ALL collapsed

And all of this DID indeed NEED to be replaced. I saw them all with my own eyes.

Reading everyone's comments, it looks as if we all have almost the same problems.

Everyone write a letter to Volvo Corporate, they have to put the quality back in their cars!!!

12th Jun 2007, 22:43

My 2000 s40 rocks and shakes as if it were a roller coaster. it is not a quiet ride. it is a class below the 850 turbo that I replaced it with and far below the s80 which turned out great. now that Volvo is Volvo again, please return to quality.

9th Aug 2007, 11:10

I bought a 2003 V40 with 45,000 miles a year ago thinking it should serve me many years. Now I find myself not able to start the car in the mornings. I took it to the dealer 4 times - they can't find the problem!!! My husband has a 1999 S80 with which he has never had any problems. My conclusion - never buy the cheaper models.

23rd Oct 2007, 11:16

There is hope.

I bought my 2000 S40 in October 1999. The car now has 140k plus miles on it and is stored outside in New England.

Outside of the check light, which goes on if the gas cap is not clicked a few times (light can be turned of by resetting manually - check the Internet for the way to do this), the only issue has been the assist on the brakes in wet conditions (corrected some years ago on a recall).

Anything else (bulb here or there, replaced brake pads a bit more often than I would have anticipated - probably due to not having the asbestos as there once was; just can't think of anything else) is insignificant. I keep good tires on it, change the oil quite often, and had a good going over by mechanic at 95,000. Finish is fine waxed every fall, and really no complaints.

I believe the 2000's were produced in Holland, and I bought one of the first out of the factory American spec while stationed in Europe.

So, having just passed the 8 year mark with this car (some years mountain roads in Italy, some years stored months outside not moving and some years a mix of highway and town) I have been satisfied. In fact, if resell is so cheap, I would almost be tempted if I need another car, to get a well maintained second-hand S40.

I do wonder if there is a correlation between date of manufacture and the problems noted by others?

17th Oct 2008, 01:22

I bought a 2000 S40 (1.9T) last year, at 15,000 miles (now at 60,000) Dealer wouldn't go down on the car because of the low-miles. This is my fourth Volvo, the last one, a 91 940SE (best Volvo EVER), had over 300,000 miles before the transmission finally gave out (installed a used one and sold it... I still see it driving in my neighborhood), also had an 86 with over 200,000 before the engine blew (my fault... it leaked oil, and I forgot to put more in). Also, a 72 142E, still my favorite... four speed with overdrive (engaged by a switch on the steering wheel)... it's a box to recon with... same engine as the 1800.

So about the S40...

The headlight problem...yes, it sucks...I've replaced many bulbs, and tried turning off my day time headlights.. but when those are on the lights go off when the car is turned off... and after waking up to a dead battery... not anymore.

Engine mounts...I've had to replace ALL of them. Part of my drive to work is on a dirt road, but then, I drove 30 miles of desert backroad with my 940, I romped this beast, and it never broke an engine mount. I thought engine mounts are designed for engine break away in ACCIDENTS!

Anyway, I think they should be good now... since I replaced them all.

Also...back rotors at 60,000K, however, based on how the car brakes now to when I got the car, I think they were bad at 15,000.

I've heard a few people here complain about getting bad gas mileage (20 mpg), or car losing acceleration... well, of course that will happen if you don't service your car properly. It is a twin turbo, and if the spark plugs are not firing properly, or the injectors.. or a host of other service related issues (air filters..etc).. your car will not run like it used to. My car was running slow, and after the 60,000 mile service ($700) by the dealer, it runs great.

A few positive things about the car, outside of the lights, engine mounts, and rotors... the car is great. Now that I've replaced most of the things that often, and did, go wrong, I hope me and my car can get along. Also, when tuned right, it's pretty quick on its feet for weighing two tons... at least it's better than other cars in it's class... and less expensive to fix with fewer problems (than say BMW and Audi... my friend has a BMW 3 series and it is hellishly expensive to fix, and it needs fixing often.)

Also, car is great at high speeds..however, I saw one comment here about going 90-130 in no time and that the governors of other cars go on at 125. Would be nice not to have a governor, but it's illegal in most states not to have one... so I have one, and it turns on at 115 (drops RPM down to 4000 and holds it).

One last important thing about the early S40's (1999-2000)... they have a separate cooler for the transmission. That's a good thing for the life of the transmission and needed for extended high-rpm driving.

One problem with newer S and V series Volvos is a common problem with the radiator, in that it can leak coolant into your transmission oil (a few drops and your transmission is toast). This has happened to my dad twice, one with a 94 850 and a 2004 Cross Country. 850 couldn't be salvaged, cross country still under warranty (dealership eating the costs). It's pretty uncanny for it to happen twice.

So, having a separate transmission cooler is the way to go.