21st Oct 2008, 14:10

What a coincidence. I've had my 2000 S40 for 3.5 years now, and have experienced nearly everything everyone else has. Shall we start from the beginning?

When I bought it, I was in love, what a great looking well performing car, and seat warmers too! I overlooked the floppy drivers side visor, bent antenna and non functioning driver's side window button. Those things could be solved later.

Right. $120 to replace the visor. I nearly fainted. The antenna ended up snapping and needed to be replaced about a year ago... $225. WHAT!

Still never fixed the driver's side window button, too scared to see how much. (still functions with the buttons in the middle)

Had to replace the brakes and rotors twice

Replaced the headlights way too often

Replaced the thermostat TWICE (tried to get out the cheap way the first time by not taking it to dealer, turns out they didn't fix it properly)

Exhaust leak "fixed" with a recall, but still smell it occasionally

Replaced catalytic converter

Replaced motor mount

Cracked spark plug coil housing

STILL vibrates, though they won't admit a problem unless it "throws a code"

I was going for each of my scheduled services, even though my car was not under warranty. What a rip off. Nothing done prevented anything from happening! I rarely leave the dealer with a bill less than $500. It truly is a money pit.

Like the rest of you, I love the car when it's functioning properly, but even when it is, I'm left thinking, what's next!

5th Feb 2009, 19:47

I have owned 2 Volvo S40 2000's. Both are great cars but have had the same annoying problems with both. Right now the overdrive button is stuck and the keys will not come out of the ignition. Any ideas on how to free up the overdrive button?

29th Dec 2009, 16:40

My son-in-law gave us his 2000 S40. Fun to drive, good mileage, but a maintenance night mare. It has 110K miles and is on its 3rd set of rotors/pads. Now I understand this is a personal driving thing, but other cars we own/have owned came no where close to this. Had to replace the catalytic converter, a first for me. Had to replace the alternator. Almost 20 bolts to do that. And of course the timing belt.

We have a 2003 Buick with 40K more miles and have spent a factor of 3 less over the life of the Buick, as opposed to the money we spent on the Volvo in just 20K or so miles.

28th Apr 2012, 15:20

I agree totally with you. To mention just a few things I have had happen; the paint faded terribly and it looks awful, the shocks and struts failed, and my S40 was bouncing like I had put hydraulic lifts on it. My heater core went out and filled my front passenger floor with anti-freeze, which cost me 1,200 dollars to fix; they had to take the whole dash out.

Needless to say it is my first and last Volvo; what a piece of crap.