25th Mar 2007, 13:36

One sweet ride. Ford may have use the same platform for different cars, but that does not mean the S40 is a Focus or a Mazda. Fiat used a ferrari engine in one of their cars, does that mean is a ferrari?? The S40 is a very stylish, classy car that loves to be driven. Oh yes lets not forget its safety record.

19th Dec 2007, 13:58

"Er, it's a Ford Focus saloon in a party dress!" Who would say something so CORNY?? Anyway, I would recommend this car to anyone looking for a nice smooth ride. Volvo has all the class without the flash...

22nd Jun 2012, 21:45

Almost all the car companies base many vehicles on the same platform. The S40 is based on the Focus, BUT it is based on the European Ford Focus, not the ultra-lame US spec version. Other examples include the Jaguar X-type (a Ford Contour underneath), Jaguar S-type (Ford Taurus), Audi A4 (VW Jetta/Golf), Lexus ES (Camry), Lexus IS (Corolla), Infiniti G-series (Nissan Sentra), Saab 9-5 (Chevy Malibu), the list goes on and on. It is the reality of the modern auto industry. A relatively modest car can be transformed into a great luxury model if it is done correctly. Some companies do it better than others... in this case, it is painfully obvious that the S40 falls quite short of the mark.

25th Jun 2012, 13:14

If we all wanted to drive a Focus, we would... but why? The Volvo is a far better looking car with better options. I know that I could get a Focus Estate instead of my V50 Sport, and it'll be cheaper... but I don't want to. The Volvo is better built (mine is the 2007 revamped model) and has options that the Focus wouldn't have at the time (Dynaudio stereo, cornering bi-xenons, SOS system - the car even knows if it's been crashed and phones the emergency services for you!!!)... down to the little touches that make a Volvo a Volvo. Great seats, etc... The Focus is good, but the V50 (S40) is better!