2003 Volvo S60 D5 S 2.4 turbo diesel 163bhp from UK and Ireland


Just hope the new is as good as the old model


Dashboard clocks worked very intermittently after 100,000 miles. This was due to the earth having come undone due to a bad mechanic, and being jump started from a 96 Hilux eight times in one day!! Oops, known problem in S60 and V70 derivatives. Volvo say YOU NEED A NEW ONE @ €1200. Rubbish!! Got one from scrappies for €50 30,000 miles ago with no problems. Yet...

General Comments:

Am personally doomed to a 96 Series III Toyota Hilux Surf during the week for 800 miles per week. Have a 99 Porsche Boxster for weekends. Would take the missus' Volvo any day over those two for any journey.

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Review Date: 9th January, 2010

2003 Volvo S60 SE 2.0t from UK and Ireland


Stylish, fun to drive and comfortable


Front knocking noise from suspension. Being sent to garage.

Carpets have some wear to them (not too important!)

The runners for the front two cupholder are broken so the cover is loose (p.s. please help with suggestions as to how I can sort this... tks!)

Nothing else.

General Comments:

Having owned a 1998 Vectra di for the past two years and 65000 miles, this is a world apart.

I am 20 and do pay too much insurance, but its worth it for the comfort and power from the fantastic 2.0t engine. Driving 500 miles a week is nice to be done in a relaxing and comfortable car, the Volvo does that superbly.

My friends and family asked me... why, when I showed them what I bought - but after looking more closely and taking a drive in it, they were surprised.

Call me old before my time, but I love the style of the car. I think its sleek and besides, with those 17/225 wheels, it really does look the part.

Mine only has the half leather, and the seats aren't heated. But the climate control works a treat, whilst my stereo is sublime.

The carpets have worn with a few tears evident, but I bought a set of mats from Volvo - which look fine.

Cruise control ideal for the long motorway commutes!

Performance for me is amazing. The power delivery is smooth, refined and the engine has an impressive growl to it when exceeding 4000 revs!

I enjoy driving this car. Its comfy, quick, (i think) stylish, and it makes me really look forwards to making an otherwise dull, long and slow journey.

Fuel consumption is not good around town. On a run it is better. But be sensible and you can see mid thirties. To be honest, I Don't CARE...!

Nothing makes fuel any cheaper, so if you have to do a high mileage, spend a bit more - and ENJOY THE JOURNEY!!!

P.S. guys, please, any help on my hinges for the cupholder would be appreciated - as would any comments on my post.

Thanks for reading!

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Review Date: 16th August, 2008

17th Aug 2008, 09:55

Take a look at, or post your cup-holder query on... www.volvospy.com. It's one of the better Volvo owners forums.

20th Aug 2014, 21:43

As for the cupholder, it's a late answer, but the only way to deal with it is to break the cover and remove it. It doesn't look back with the cupholders exposed. Replacing the whole thing is complicated.

2003 Volvo S60 2.5T AWD 2.5L Light Pressure turbo from North America


A.W.D .and a solid feel, but will it be reliable


Complete cooling system failure and overheating at 5000 km (about 3000 miles). Car overheated in a very short time-frame. Parts back ordered for over two weeks. Dealer offered loaner, but a beat up S40 wagon is not exactly the same thing.

Some interior plastic trim parts detached within a short time of delivery when new.

General Comments:


-Acceleration is more than adequate

- Transmission shifts well

- Seats are very comfortable

- Heating & defrost are fantastic, variable fan speed for defrost function is a plus

- Steering feel and weight are superb

- Interior layout and quality of materials used in cabin is very good. Uncluttered and very easy to use

- all wheel drive is exceptionally good in the snow. Great improvement over traction control systems

- sound system quality is good

- Overall fit and finish is of high caliber

Not so good:

- engine is not as smooth as some competitors

- Rearward visibility is not great, especially for parking situations

- Ride is somewhat harsh over roads that are not in the best shape

- while handling is sporty and solid, it drives and feels like a much bigger car than it is

- Rear seat room is less generous than it could be. Too tight for adults on longer trips and it would be nice to have heated seats in the back as some competitors offer

- brand new cars should not suffer from cooling system failure!

- Dealer experience was only average at best.

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Review Date: 26th March, 2004