2004 Volvo S60 D5 SE from UK and Ireland


Hard to find a solid quality car at this price!


The handbrake cable is a bit loose, LOL.

Also, sometimes get the engine service required message, which is likely a dirty EGR - does not affect driving at all.

General Comments:

Brilliantly fuel efficient, you will not believe how good a big car like an S60 D5 till you drive it. Its 70 litre tank can exceed 900 miles if driven sensibly!

Normal town condition MPG is 40+, my other half has a Lexus IS220D, and in that, town mpg is 20+

The seats are the best in the business - period.

The audio system is superb.

The engine sounds brilliant - it's like half a V10.

The car also has a lot of torque, and loves being driven.

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Review Date: 30th January, 2011

2004 Volvo S60 2.4 V5 from North America


Great for a first car!


- The transmission will slip gears in between 2nd and 3rd.

- Sometimes the car will stall in the middle of a turn.

- Very complicated in terms of adding anything electronic to the car e.g. Sirius satellite radio or new rear deck speakers.

- Steering fluid has to be checked every 5000 miles or at least every 2 months.

- If you get wax on the plastic molding it ruins the finish (suggestion on keeping the molding looking amazing use "forever black").

- There can be a lot of things rattling around, the type that you can't find out where it's coming from, which can be annoying.

- The service light comes on about every 10000 miles, which is a factory default to have you come in and use their services, and will usually cost $98.00 to have the light turned off, which gets annoying, especially when there isn't anything wrong with the car. I've gotten used to it and ignored it.

- If you take apart the dashboard to install a satellite radio, a message comes up on the dash saying "SRS AIRBAG SERVICE URGENT" and will not go away unless you take it to the dealer, but there is nothing wrong with the airbags.

General Comments:

- Good acceleration for the weight of the car.

- Good handling.

- Great traction control.

- Looks great, especially if you keep the plastic molding free of wax.

- Great for a first car.

- I know I've complained about it a lot, but I love this car, I'm just very picky.

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Review Date: 8th February, 2009

27th Apr 2016, 14:48

For non turbo engines, I would suggest this fix


2004 Volvo S60 D5 2.4 163 bhp from UK and Ireland


Comfort, Style and Build - I love it!


Stereo crackled when the heated rear screen was switched on - new rear screen fitted under warranty.

Intermittent creak from the rear, unable to trace at the minute, checks show nothings wrong, could be the exhaust..

General Comments:

Fantastic comfort, I drive it for hours on end and the seats are amazing!

The ride can become a little rough on bad surfaces, but it generally glides around in a softish, relaxing way!

Always gets good comments, my friends can't believe how nice modern Volvo's are!

Performance is great, the surge from the turbo is addictive! It just keeps on accelerating! May get it chipped, I've driven the 185 model and it did feel that little bit quicker..

It does sound a bit to 'dieselly' sometimes which can be annoying, but minor compared to the plus point of 35mpg around town with spirited driving!

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Review Date: 30th December, 2007

21st Oct 2008, 11:04

Update! The car's now done over 43,000 miles and I've had no problems. The creak from the rear went a long time ago, don't know what it was, but it's gone now anyway!

I'm averaging 40mpg now with mostly town driving. It is an auto and I don't hang around, so can't complain!

Main dealer wanted £420 for a basic service! I used my Local Volvo specialist instead and they did a warranty service for £200, which included a £30 pollen filter. Why are main dealers so expensive?!

I've had 3 headlight bulbs replaced so far, very common with Volvo's. The Specialist changes them for £10, including the bulb. I can't get to it to do it myself, my hand was bleeding when I tried!