2008 Volvo S60 FWD 2.5 from Netherlands


Best choice in its class


Nothing ever.

General Comments:

This is 7th car I have owned, and by now it is the best one car I have owned. My neighbor advised me buy Volvo, as he was happy with his 1991 model, and I am happy I listened to him.

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Review Date: 17th April, 2011

14th Jan 2018, 18:25

These end of production S60s are perhaps the best choice, but we would appreciate it if the reviewer would go more into details with their review, not just leaving a general impression of the car.

2008 Volvo S60 AWD from North America


Do not buy an S60 AWD


Re: S60 AWD. Do not buy this car if you need to turn into parking spaces at the mall (which we all do sometimes). It has a turning radius that is super-wide. It is really a safety issue that should stop any purchases. U-turns are impossible. The car should be taken off the market.

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Review Date: 24th February, 2010

25th Feb 2010, 06:38

This isn't actually a review is it? According to the data, you owned a S60 before this one - did you not notice then? I own a 2005 S60 and would recommend you buy it! Mine is super comfortable (no other car comes close), fantastically reliable and built very well. Mine is also the AWD version, which doesn't have a great turning radius, but provides stunning grip in the corners. I would highly recommend this car. One very happy Volvo S60 owner.