26th Feb 2010, 09:16

It's funny! You forget about all the pros of such a great car like S60, and as the turning radius is just half a meter more than some other cars, advise not to buy it? What if we realize in a test drive that we have no issues with that? And what if we find it's much less safety issue to buy a Volvo over a Lexus, which may kill you on the highway? I prefer to spend 15 seconds more when parking over being killed in a Lexus, or waiting two hours for being towed after my Nissan Altema (I know it's not the same class though) suddenly dies while doing 110Km/h (what happened to my sister)

21st Apr 2010, 16:42

Perhaps there is an issue with the Haldex unit or the differentials. Should get that checked out. The issue may just be your driving, I have a Suburban which is about 2x as long as the S60 and I can't say I ever had an issue pulling into a parking space.

9th Aug 2010, 15:05

August 9th,2010, I just got home from test driving a S60 AWD, used not new, and I did not notice any turn problems. I did however find this vehicle to have less blind spots than my current car (Nissan Maxima). Very quick, agile handling and a aggressive throttle. Parallel parking not a problem...

15th Nov 2015, 15:55

I too drive a S60. While it's not as others describe it problem free, and even a horrible money pit if you have no choice but to bring it to the Volvo dealer, I can say the turn radius is rather large but still manageable. Sure you can't do a u-turn in a parking lot, but I feel this is not a reason not to buy any vehicle. Just relax, put it in reverse, turn, then drive forward. It will be out of the parking lot in two moves instead of only one.

14th Jan 2018, 18:31

The turning radius on the S60/V70 is quite a debated subject. At the base, the car does have a wider turning radius than the average industry standard. However, some models are much worse than others: for example an AWD S60 that came from the factory with 18in or 17in wheels (such as an S60R) has a much wider radius than a base FWD S60 with 16in factory wheels. Have a look on this topic for example, someone even managed to improve the turning radius on his S60.


27th Jan 2019, 15:16

I own an '07 T5 S60, turning radius is gigantic, that's true. Not to the extent that it needs to have been 'retired from the market before its production', but it is considerably big.

For the rest, the car seems to be bullet proof after (now 4.5 years of ownership). I haven't regretted buying it for one single day. Manual, 2.4, 260 PS (well it has been tuned to 310, but gets around 300 hp) FWD. I might agree on the people who have been buying the 'R', that this might not have been such a great choice compared to this T5 model I own. 113 000 miles and counting, and I hope many more. At least 190,000 and maximum 250,000 miles, should be possible (I hope).