14th May 2010, 14:55

Just had 105K timing belt done. $662.00 including serpentine belt. (No water pump needed)

Shop advised to get inner tie rods replaced, front steering feels tight again. $300.

Shop advise to fix a cyl 2 misfire. $120 to diagnose. I'll fix this myself.

Shop advise to replace front control arm bushings. $500ish.

Shop advise to replace upper strut tower bushings. $275ish.

Still no hiccups, feels like it needs a tune-up though with spark plugs, maybe a cyl #2 coil, and a replacement of the turbo control valve. (Sorta sticky operation)

I continue to use non synthetic oil with regular changes at sears, and fill up with premium every time.

3rd Jul 2010, 04:14

Thanks for your updates. I'm considering getting a second-hand Volvo S60 for my next car, and am monitoring what goes wrong with them (all cars have their problems, and as long as nothing debilitatingly major, that's OK).

From what I've seen so far, the petrol/gasoline engines and gearboxes appear to be fairly robust, and most niggles are nothing unusual with contemporary cars (e.g., suspension arm bushes).

4th Jul 2010, 12:04

My mother departed from her tradition of driving Lincolns in 2003. She got a Volvo S60. After three years she was ready to get rid of it and return to the Lincoln. She now has a Lincoln MKZ, which we all find to be a much nicer, roomier, better riding and more luxurious car. The Volvo did not impress any of us at all. We found that in comparison to the Lincolns, it seemed more like a far less expensive Camry or Accord, with bland styling and a cramped interior.

6th Jul 2010, 04:17

My God - I've read this Lincoln story numerous times on here. It wasn't even your car. Sounds to me that she brought a Lincoln because you didn't like the Volvo!

17th Jul 2010, 13:13

Bought an S60 2.4T a few years ago. It had a lot of miles on it (298k). So far so good. Looks and runs like new. No problems with emissions test, in fact, results were almost factory spec. Eats front tires however. Many have said that set up is to aggressive, but all in all, it handles well.

18th Oct 2010, 00:33

The car now has 114K, it still runs pretty good. It needs tires ($600), control arm bushings replaced ($515), strut tower bushings replaced ($270), probably a fuel filter, and I still haven't replaced the windshield.

I'd like a wagon, but feel this car will perform reasonably well for years to come so I am hesitant to sell. Looking at a 2005 Outback AWD for camping and snow.