2002 Volvo S60 SE 2.0i turbo petrol from UK and Ireland


A top motor, at a top price


Cruise control stopped working and was highlighted on the messaging screen. Warranty item.

Unable to start the car. Problem was a solenoid fault, resulting in car being stuck in park which had to be towed from home to garage... due to my persistent complaint Volvo made a goodwill contribution to this, as the vehicle was only just out of warranty with less than 25k on the clock.

N/S headlamp bulb blown... replaced at dealership.

Position parking bulb blown recently at 34,000. Replaced myself, but warning message still on display. However I have scoured the Internet for remedies, and come up with an interesting suggestion... slam the boot lid, which I will be trying later.

General Comments:

Despite my few problems, this is by far the best car I have ever had. Handles well, PAS (traction Control), responsive, and being automatic, it's capable of blowing away most people at the lights (LOL).

Equiped with leather interior, looks good, smells good, very comfy. Nice driving on a sunny day with the windows up and the air-con on as low as it goes.

Doesn't have all the 'toys', but with child locks, a 4 CD changer, radio, 8 speakers, as well as those mentioned, it's good enough for me.

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Review Date: 11th August, 2007

2002 Volvo S60 2.4T 2.4T 5 cylinder from North America


I can't believe I almost bought a new civic, whew!


Mysterious momentary radiator leak.

Blown two bulbs at 1 dollar for both.

Right passenger door speaker Vibrates at moderate stereo volume.

General Comments:

I kept tabs on reviews for this car since inception, and considering the alternatives I thought it to be the best choice. The S80 bombed and the S40 was comparable to a corolla in stature which is what I wanted to get away from. I wanted a rock solid, heavy, smooth, quality build of a car and thought the S60 would be it. Well it was, and it has been surprisingly less problematic than I thought it would be.

The exterior of the car is pure engineering excellence. Feels like it has low fractional drag co's. All I do is highway driving and there is no wind noise, despite the old style side mirrors. Airbags galore, anti-whiplash headrests, and doors darn near a foot thick are sure to keep you safe.

The car feels planted and almost never feels like suspension damper is out of adjustment even on large bumps and rough roads. You can really feel the road and although many people make complaint of that it really is a benefit being a sport-sedan. The alignment is a bit too aggressive I think for daily driving, but has a relatively small coaxial full-crank turn radius which lessens the effect of this. If you are on a road with ruts however hold on tight to that wheel or you will find yourself in another lane.

The drive-train on this car is strong. The LP Turbo gets you lots of torque from the get-go, but is somewhat disappointing in the midrange. As with all volvos you can hear the motor hum along with a pleasantly soft whine from the Turbo.

I was surprised to find out my Dr Jekyll S60 had a Mr. Hyde in spirited driving, and the handling setup all made sense. Floor it through the twisties and you are in for more than you thought. Almost perfect cornering under full load and torque to keep you in your seat and terrify passengers.

If you are looking for a solid, reliable, torquey, efficient, darn good looking of a ride. Go for the S60 Turbo.

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Review Date: 18th July, 2007

12th Feb 2009, 01:31

I have reached 86000 miles after a couple years of ownership, and I can say that while I've got trashed bumper covers and a 6 inch crack in my windshield to fix from this winter, the car looks just as it did when I bought it. Could use an exterior detail.

Transmission/subframe linkage needs to be changed. ~89.99.

Tranny needs a flush ~130 shop price?

Brake pads seem to wear fast, but the brakes work well.

Next big ticket item is the timing belt @100K. That's gonna be about 500 bucks.

Blew a rear speaker, which is annoying to hear buzzing away sometimes.

I've never had to call a tow truck and its kept me safe and has been reliable. I am back at this site to check reviews on the XC90 V8 as well as the 4Runner V8, as I will be buying an SUV next.