2002 Volvo S60 T5 2.3 5 Cylinder High-Pressure turbo from Australia and New Zealand


Wolf in Sheep's clothing!


Turbo Seals at 95000km and radiator and engine mounts at same time - I got the warranty though so all covered otherwise it would have been $NZ1500+

General Comments:

I get lots of comments from passengers like "wow this is fast for a Volvo!" 250BHP/170kw makes for good fun!

Very comfortable, nice looks, a bit on the expensive side to maintain though if you don't have a warranty!

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Review Date: 14th June, 2008

2002 Volvo S60 2.0 from Malaysia


The Volvo S60 is an overrated car


Seat belt rattles

Headlamps water seepage

Steering rods causing vibration

Suspension got noises

Vibration at high speeds

Alternator failure

Water pump clunking

Timing part problem

General Comments:

I saved up so long to buy my first brand new car. There were so much literature on the Volvo, and after reading them I decide to test drive it, and bought one. It was an S60 Volvo, gold in color. I used to have a Proton Perdana V6.

After having a Proton Wira for 2 years as a bachelor, I decided a bigger car was necessary to accommodate my new growing family. The Perdana was selling at a good price, and was being offered by a local doctor near my home. He apparently was selling this to get into a Mercedes Benz E240.

The Perdana never had any major problems, but my wife did not like local made cars. So eventually I went to look at the Volvo range. I always wanted a BMW or a Mercedes, but the Volvo was about the only European car that was available at the lowest price that I could afford.

The BMW 3 series was simply too expensive for a small sized car. The Mercedes E class was even dearer. Although the Mercedes C class was cheaper than the E class, it was still too small. In the end we decided the Volvo S60 was the most affordable, and hopefully would be our family car for the next 7 or 8 years.

What a joke this turned out to be.

I had to send this Volvo S60 back for repairs at least 14 times during the first year. After the warranty ran out, I realized the costs were becoming unbearable, and simply not worth it for a car of this caliber. Even the trusty old mechanic who was earning my money to repair faulty components in my Volvo told me to get rid of this car, as he explained that even a BMW or Mercedes is frequently slightly cheaper, and could outperform any Volvo in his view.

One day I drove a used BMW 523 (2001 model) and came to the conclusion that my Volvo was indeed a pale comparison. I asked my wife to test the BMW, and she too came away shocked and impressed.

A couple of months later we test drove a Mercedes Benz E240 (year 2000) and simply loved it. We bought the car because it was slightly larger than the BMW 523, and provides a rock stable comfortable ride, which the Volvo could not. Mind you before this, we even tested the Volvo S80 and XC-90. About the only good thing with Volvo is their sales staff were very attentive and polite. We were even served drinks on very comfortable lounge chairs.

Till today, the Mercedes (year 2000) has had no major troubles. Yearly servicing is actually cheaper, and it has proven to be a hassle free car, unlike my brand new Volvo!

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Review Date: 24th August, 2007

21st Oct 2009, 20:38

In comparison to the e39 5 series, the W210 E class is a very poor car indeed.

18th Dec 2012, 10:30

Several comments.

1. The Volvo S60 competes with the BMW 3 Series and Mercedes C Class. The cars you initially stated were too small and expensive for your family. I've driven both cars. The BMW 3 Series is a solid dependable car and is more of an enthusiast car. The C Class seating is more compact and status symbol. Nice to look at, but not really a practical car.

2. The cars that you mentioned that were to your satisfaction were midsize sedans (BMW 5 Series, Mercedes e240, Proton Perdana). I've owned the BMW 5 Series. Great comfortable car, but maintenance is expensive and it's not so great on gas. Another car I would recommend that might be even better than the E240 is the Lexus GS400. A lot of space, and it's more reliable than both the BMW and Mercedes.

3. Have driven 3 S60's. Here are my conclusions. The S60 base trim has probably the most dependable engine and transmission. Seating is very comfortable. The S60T is very quick, but even the base is quick. I would stay away from AWD. Seems to have transmission issues when out of warranty. I'm newly married so the S60 is a great city car. Great gas mileage. I love the car. It's like a hidden gem. Luxury feel with creature comforts on the inside. Not too loud and unassuming on the outside.

7th Mar 2014, 12:25

Back to Volvo S60 2000cc, me and my wife are very keen in getting one, year between 2006-2007. The price seems to be between RM45,000 onwards, with the max cut-off budget of RM75,000. The only concern is about spare parts and maintenance cost. One second-hand buyer would definitely change the timing-belt / water etc. Is it worth it to go for a S60 (S80 high maintenance) compared to a Merc E class?

The previous comment is too scary to read about on the S60 with too many problems, which I hardly heard before.

Thank you for sharing.