18th Jul 2009, 03:21

Well I'm glad you came through two accidents without harm, but your view is very narrow.

It's not 'statistics' that are referred to, it's the results of real owners surveyed, ACTUAL data based on crashes, reliability etc, and scientifically gathered information on crash performances carried out under controlled conditions.

I don't know where you're getting the '5 stars' from for your 740. The NCAP tests do not cover cars that old.

Yes Volvo's are very safe cars, no-one is arguing against that, but they are not way ahead of every other make like they used to be. Most (not all) modern makes of car are very safe these days, they have to be as the market demands it.

I've also got no doubt that Peugeots and other French made cars are also safe. The reason I would not but a French car in a million years is because of their history in recent years of poor build quality and awful reliability.

Plenty of info out there to be easily found.

This is probably a waste of words though. Driving without a seatbelt in this day and age??? That speaks for itself.

28th Sep 2010, 09:47

Feedback and comment from a Volvo owner in South Africa:

I have been reading all the comments on the S70 and other Volvos as I have owned an S70, V70, 850R, and S60 over some 14 years.

Yes, the S70 is softer and less hard compared to the 850 in all respects. I drive on a lot of untarred roads in my job, and the 850 is the benchmark with 300k miles, no rattles, and 100% reliability. We treat horses in the mountains (terrain), and the Volvo has outlasted many a 4x4. The S70 is mechanically reliable, but some interior quality items could be better (like 850).

Safety - Volvo is the benchmark, as they pioneered most major safety systems (seat belts, laminated windscreen, safety cell), which other manufacturers may try to lay claim. Things like inventing run-flat tyres play second fiddle to 3 point safety belts, (a priority) for example. I am still alive and well today when a Mercedes motorist rear-ended me on a motorway at 80 MPH at roadworks, 4 cars were written off, with the Volvo absorbing most of the the impact. Needless to say, of all injuries sustained by 6 victims, mine were the least. If a car can save your life, the price you pay (for it/or maintenance) is the least of your problems.

One should be grateful, and cherish life! Buy another car, as I did, another 850 or S70, in case of other motorists in lesser brands.