1999 Volvo S70 T5 Gas from North America


I think this car and its maintenance history needs to be reviewed by the Volvo engineers!


I have had to replace the O2 sensors and several other engine parts at considerable cost to my budget.

General Comments:

The car either runs great or has to be in the shop for repairs. The 'check engine' light is constantly on and always for a reason.

The combination of the 5-cylinder engine and turbo (T5) super charger seem to be at odds with each other.

I love this car and have loved all five (5) other Volvos I have owned, but this one has caused me the most in terms of frustrations and money.

I have been banned from one dealer because I complained too much.

I would love to discuss my concerns with an actual Volvo factory representative.

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Review Date: 6th June, 2009

1999 Volvo S70 GLT 2.4 turbo from North America


Comfortable pleasure to own and drive


All I've done is change the fluids and replace all 4 brake rotors and pads. It really didn't even need them, but they were cheap and easy enough to do.

General Comments:

I read all these reviews prior to buying the car, and I almost didn't get one because of all the negatives I saw. Well luckily they don't apply to my car because its been flawless and I beat the hell out of it too! I bought it strictly as a commuter for my long drive to work when gas prices spiked, but I drive it everywhere to keep the miles down on my other cars and it's a pleasure. Awesome car and I only paid $1500 for it.

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Review Date: 23rd November, 2008

1999 Volvo S70 T5 High Pressure turbo from North America


Simply Amazing!


Never had any problems with this car, just had to clean the throttle body every 30 000Km

Seats are slowly cracking

Low speed very big turbo lag not like my 900SE

Very bad traction during winter (might be due to my tires though not blaming Volvo)

Cd player does not read all burned disks : (

General Comments:

This car is probably the best car I have ever had, very reliable has never seen the dealer, only for the recalls for the headlight switch and a throttle body software upgrade. Very comfortable for long distances and very very very fast. Low end lag is bad, but once you reach 20km/h and step on the gas man oh man does it fly. Sounds very mean and is very mean. Sound system is just amazing in it. Very great car highly recommend it to everyone!!

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Review Date: 26th December, 2007

28th Oct 2010, 02:40

Did you do the cleaning for your throttle body yourself or you had someone else do it? I want to do it myself and can't find any proper instructions for the T5 (99 model).

Please send me an email.



1999 Volvo S70 sedan from North America


Horrible car


I have had to replace the rear right brake light 10 times. I am having problems with the Electronic Throttle System at this moment. A repair shop told me the ETS was recalled, but not known to the public and the dealership is trying to charge me for the repairs. My driver side seat belt chooses when it wants to pop open. The seal on the drivers door had to be replaced. the electronics of the drivers seat are a mess you have to move it back to make it go forward. While driving it moves on its own and you get stuck to the wheel. It also does not move up or down only when it wants to. The electronics in the dash don't work the speedometer does not work and all the lights keep coming on. I just replaced my brakes and they give in and not work occasionally as well as the ABS light and Brake light are on at the same time as the speedometer not working. Every 25,000 miles something else goes wrong or a light comes on.

General Comments:

This car handles well.

This car has too many expensive maintenance problems.

This car is very comfortable when the seats decide to work.

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Review Date: 1st February, 2006

25th Feb 2006, 08:25

S70 Throttle body issues are huge and well known. Warranty has been extended to 200k/10 years. To get response, it MUST fail first.

6th Jul 2006, 21:01

As stated in the previous comment, the ETM problem is well known in the S70/V70 series cars. In addition to extending the warranty on the ETM to 200K miles/10 years, Volvo is also installing new ETM software for free. The software upgrade was done to my V70 (the S70's wagon sibling) in June 2006.

3rd Jan 2007, 21:03

1 problem every 25k miles? Doesn't sound too bad to me?