1999 Volvo S70 GLT Sedan turbo from North America


A safe and classic looking car with great standard features, should be best in class hands down.


Replaced the bushings and O2 sensor at 51,000 miles.

Replaced headlights (low beam) X 2 on the Left, once on the Right. Have replaced the brake lights 3x on both sides.

Rear speakers blew.

I just had to take the car in for the ETS light coming on and the dealership reset this light. If it continues to light up, will be looking at $1500 to replace the ECU, and will need software replacement also.

Antenna does not collapse or extend completely, will have to be replaced.

General Comments:

This car handles better than any I've owned. The suspension is a little too tight, but otherwise rides like a dream. This car will stop on a dime and handles curves and corner like it's on rails.

Favorite about the car... the steering is truer and smoother than any car I've driven. I feel more in control in this car, like I know the exact position and traction of the wheels.

I appreciate the custom seat settings (though I don't care for head rest),and the child seat access is the best. Passenger riding is roomy, smooth, and most comfortable. Trunk is very spacious and the fold seats are a great feature for this car.

Regular maintenance on this car is very expensive, and repairs even more. However, I would buy another Volvo, but am very disappointed in the shape change of the vehicle.

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Review Date: 26th November, 2003

10th Apr 2004, 23:40

Very interesting review! I have had pretty much the same experience with my 199 S70 T5 as you.

The reason I found your review is that my ETS light went on again tonight on a lonely and dark highway at gone 11 pm. I called my son, who checked the web while I drove. Last time (about 51,000 miles), the ETS light was the engine air mass meter ($400). I thought that was pricey, but $1500 is worse.

I too love the handling, acceleration and seats in the T5. Nevertheless, it simply does not stand up to the 960 (my previous car). The windows on the drivers side have been repaired twice and still make a grinding noise as they go up, the windshield does not seem as durable as previous models (fine pitting), the gas cap mechanism went bad, the air noise has been really bad right from the start, and I started to get a slight rattle in the roof lining at a very early stage.

My son has had 6 Volvos; I have had 4. They range among 164, 240 series, 740 turbo, 960 and S70 T5. The shape is a serious issue - I don't like the new shape either. The unreasonable repair issues will add another reason to switch. It should be possible to drive at least 230,000 without serious bills other than regular maintenance.

While I was driving and problem solving over the phone, we contemplated a 6 cylinder Avalon or Accord.

1999 Volvo S70 from North America


An overall great, reliable, solid and safe car


So far nothing major, knock, knock on wood.

The antenna makes a horrible loud sound, every time that it goes up.

The back right speaker blew.

The passenger window's electric motor had to be replaced, because it was going down too slow.

The wood panel pops up a bit.

The leather door panels have been replaced, due to some bubbling.

And finally, I think the ABS is felt too often. I don't drive in a way that it should be activating as often as I feel it. It was checked out two times, but the dealer says it is fine. Has anybody else felt this frequent thumping on the brake pedal?

General Comments:

I love my Volvo.

My number one praise is all the safety features and that I truly feel safe driving it. It is solid and you can feel the difference when you drive other cars.

It is a bit sluggish when it accelerates from a complete stop, but once it reaches about 30 mph, it accelerates well. Most people who drive Volvo's are family oriented, and are not speeding anyways. (If you want speed try the S40.)

It is extremely comfortable inside and I love the classic look that it has. I constantly get compliments, and everybody thinks it is a brand new car.

I am really upset that Volvo stopped making this model, but I can't wait to get an X90 (SUV).

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Review Date: 6th October, 2003