1999 Volvo S70 from North America


The best car ever made


Nothing ever went wrong with the car.

General Comments:

I have never had a problem with this car. I keep up the regular scheduled maintenance and it runs as it did the first day I bought it, perfectly.

The service department employees are extremely nice and treat me as if I am part of the Volvo family.

I have never owned a car that I love as much as this one. The exterior is the classic Volvo body style and the interior is luxurious and roomy. The panels of instruments are all well placed for the driver. The moon roof is an excellent accent.

I look forward to getting in my car everyday. Driving the car is the best part about owning it. This car does not hesitate a bit when you are ready to accelerate. The braking system is perfect; you could actually stop on a dime. It handles sharp turns as it would on a dead straight road. This car is fun and a pleasure to drive.

The car feels safe and is.

In my opinion, this has to be one of the best and safest cars ever made. I will own more and enjoy every one that I do own.

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Review Date: 11th October, 2002

1999 Volvo S70 T5 turbo from North America


A pleasure to drive


The only problems with this car had to do with the electrical system, which is apparently quite common with Volvos. Headlights wouldn't work, 'message' light would come on on the dashboard for no reason, speakers would malfunction. But other than that, the car was totally trouble-free.

General Comments:

The T5 has really impressive power, both off the line and at high cruising speeds. Equally impressive is the comfort inside the vehicle. Firm leather seats, a wooden steering wheel and shift knob, a beautifully designed dash all contribute to a most enjoyable driving experience. Also commendable is the back seat space -- more than enough for three adults. Or, in my case, a child seat and two adults. I'd buy this car again -- but, alas, the great minds at Volvo have discontinued the S70. Pity. Both the S60 and S80 do nothing for me.

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Review Date: 5th August, 2002

1999 Volvo S70 Base 2.4 non-turbo from North America


Safe and solid, but a reliability risk


There are some minor electrical gremlins. Light bulbs burn out with greater frequency than usual; the emission systems warning light comes on occasionally and inexplicably.

General Comments:

Acceleration, even in the non-turbo engine, is good with a manual transmission.

The manual transmission and clutch action is not the crispest, but it is very smooth.

Handling is secure and solid, but not quite sporty. Although the car is geared towards comfort rather than performance, it is rock-steady even in emergency handling.

The brakes have incredible bite. Despite the weight of the car, it can stop on a dime without losing control.

You want sporty thrills? This car isn't for you. Control and safety is what this car is all about. It gives a feeling of impermeability even driving in snow or rain, goes where you steer precisely and without fuss, accelerates well, and handles securely in both daily use and in emergencies.

The seats are without a doubt the most comfortable of any vehicle I've ever driven. The cabin is roomy, airy and welcoming. Trim and plastics look and feel high-quality, as does assembly and fit of the interior.

Reliability, particularly of electrical components, remains questionable. While dealer service in North America tends to be responsive, it is also more expensive than average, and waits for parts/appointments can be frustrating.

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Review Date: 30th May, 2002

5th Sep 2003, 21:38

Light bulbs - I still have to change mine on occasion. One of the rear ones seem to burn out every few months. When I first got my car, the front bulbs were burning out quite frequently. There's a recall out for this problem. After they fixed it, it hasn't been a problem.

Emission Systems - I've experienced the same problem where the ETC light comes on. Didn't affect driving on the highways, but idled roughly at low speeds. Turning the engine off and on again (at the traffic light) was a temporary fix. Eventually, brought it in. Changed the electronic throttle module - $$$$. I wasn't happy with that!