1999 Volvo S70 2.5 from North America


Overpriced and overrated dealership service department dream car.


Constant problems. Replaced brakes twice, battery three times, oxygen sensor, and every light bulb in this car at least twice. Car also dies under power for no reason. Volvo safety record makes me feel better when the car dies going down the freeway. Also, have had the drivers door welded three times were the strap is attached which prevents the door form opening to far.

General Comments:

I could kick myself for buying this overrated and overpriced vehicle, and that I could have purchsed a 3 series BMW for the same money.

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Review Date: 7th September, 2005

1999 Volvo S70 from North America


It is an all around poor performer


I thought this was a great car when I had bought it, it seemed stylish (the styling grows on you... believe me) and Volvos were known for safety. I bought it for 19,850 US funds. I went home and I looked on IIHS and it got a 'best pick overall' for the 35mph barrier. I went to EUROncap and the car was 'almost advisable for a fourth star out of 5' The front impact got a 44% out of 100%. Pretty bad.

The gas mileage is incredibly dour. I average 18 MPG keeping it under 3,500 RPM. When filled at the gas pump, I pay around 49.30 for 2.39 a gallon.

The general-quality of the car is poor. The leather seats mostly; they are starting to peel and crack... this car is 6 years old! The radio knobs are starting to peel, although it has a good sound system. The cup-holders are very chintzy and the headrests are hard to deal with when having a french braid or ponytail.

The engine sounds like it's big and bad, but it has EXTREMELY poor pick-up. I bought a G-Timer and managed to get to 60mph in 10.8 seconds. That's slower than a Kia.

For having such a high reputation of safety, quality, and industrial technologies; I am extremely disappointed. I just ordered a new 530i.

General Comments:

Please beware of buying this vehicle. I'm not exaggerating, but just look at competition and look at its euroncap.com rating for safety. Lots of other choices.

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Review Date: 2nd August, 2005

5th Aug 2005, 01:35

I believe this is a well written review. The safety is surpassed, and why worry about safety? because that's the main reason of buying a volvo. This car has poor reliability... even with proper care. buyer beware!

26th Dec 2007, 13:08

I Have had my Volvo s70 t5 has 250 000KM on it an it has never seen the dealer, very safe car, one drawback is the ABS on the car very very poor response during the winter, but performance wise man the car is ever fast, gas is good to usually I can get 700km out of a full tank highway/city combined. I don't no why you are saying its such a bad car it's a very good car and for sure my next one will be a s60R.

1999 Volvo S70 2.4 from North America


Distinctive and satisfying


I have had to replace the front suspension bushings, and I understand that this is normal for a front wheel drive arrangement.

And then an oxygen sensor failed, so that was a $150 part.

General Comments:

The beauty of the car does not sink in during a trip to the store to get milk. I find that only after about 30 miles does the zen of the car begin to come forward. So it really is a touring car.

We have three children, and after putting a roof box on the top, we all get in and have an excellent time making the three hour or so drive to either grandma's or the ski trails.

But the really great thing about the car is it's design. The form is distinctive. I can spot a Volvo 850 or S series a long way off on the highway. I am afraid that we are loosing the ability to style a car. But there is a flair and uniqueness about this car that I find to be extremely valuable.

I am sure that many other cars do all sorts of things better than the S70. But when you factor in the overall visual impression of the car combined with it's nice handling and engineering, I just think that it is very satisfying to drive and own.

The car has 79,000 miles on it and it is still on original pads and rotors.

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Review Date: 14th January, 2005