9th Apr 2011, 04:54

I bought my car back in Jan 2007 (S70, 1999, 2.0 Turbo, 68000km on the clock, second hand), and it still drives great, although fuel consumption is not that great. I bought it because of safety reasons, and not much maintenance was needed, except the cam belt that needs to be changed after 100,000km. Still has great acceleration.

Things that I had replaced so far:

Cam belt (100,000km).

Key switch igniter.

Rear shocks.

Cap for the coolant.

2 front tires.

9th Apr 2011, 09:23

Please also note that EURO NCAP only rated out of 4 stars when the S70 was tested. The 5 star ratings only came on a few years later - so, actually it's a GOOD rating. Please also bear in mind that the S70 was designed in 1996!!! It's never going to be up to today's standards. Also, who buys a small engine then complains it's slow? Why didn't the original reviewer buy the T5 and get to 60 in around 7 seconds? Better still, buy the 'R' - That'll show a 530 of the same age its tailpipes!!!

9th Apr 2011, 13:22

My first set of tires were worn out at 30kms.

The dealer actually said, sorry... you live on a gravel road, these cars are not designed for dirt or gravel roads, so no reduced price or warranty on tires for you! I drive on a dirt road for 200 feet to get to my home.

Doors could simply not be adjusted and rattled; turns out the body integrity is weak and body flex is excessive.

I sold it and bought a Honda... best move I ever did, now I get excellent fuel economy, it's so quiet and tight, and it doesn't have to be towed into the dealer like the Volvo had to, as it always starts and runs great! (and the tires on the Honda are still great at 30kms, and I still live at the same address)