24th Sep 2004, 12:16

I was looking for facts to support the needs to change both break pads and rotor together, and not only the pads. By now, I have been to two different garages, one was a Volvo dealer, and the other a foreign car service center I have been several times. I guess that's no other option, but replaced all 4 pads+rotor, costing just less than $750.

BUT... here's it: I have a 98 S70 T5, it has 105K miles, no other major problems, and only the 2nd time I have to change these break pads. The performance is great - it's acceleration beats most cars on the road. GREAT stereo system, all still work fine, including the CD player and 6-disc changer. Mileage stays in the 21-23/gallon since day one. The interior does not look fancy, but you don't enough the look you don't have to buy the car. It drives well, and creates a comfortable feeling - driver and passengers alike. When I took it on long distance drives a couple of times, I mean 'bout 10/8 hour straight drive in a day, I feel absolute fine with my back, butt, and entirely! What other cars can make you feel like that?!

... well, the moral of my story, the previous writer unfortunately is having a bad experience - but that probably will be true of any brand of cars, some fluck in any manufacturing, or the previous owner just never took care of the car anyway.

I went to the volvo dealer where I bought my car when it was about 95K. The sale person, or "this" sale person anyway, absolutely believes that the car still has many years and miles life. In his own words, "you don't need a new car yet". He is also a volvo cars owner.

So, I too hope to have this car for many more years. It ain't cheap, but no others in the same price range (or little more) gets the power, comfort, feed back, and space it provides. I still love my S70 T5 '98, 105K later, & still going...

8th Oct 2004, 09:36

Last night I made a rather compulsive decision to buy a 1998 Volvo S70 T5 that I saw on ebay. I know nothing about this type of car. Had about 130,000 miles on it and gave $6,000 for it. I plan to give it to my in-laws as a gift. But from the comments here, I may have made a big mistake.


2nd Jun 2006, 16:38

You need a new mechanic. YOU paid 700 dollars for pads and rotors. You could do them yourself for less than 100 dollars in parts...sorry, but you are paying way to much for those repairs.

15th Jul 2006, 06:54

I totally agree...

Sounds like a case of being lazy/inept, taking it up the behind whilst being jipped and then posting a bad review like it's a normality.

With a little know-how and some practicality, maintaining a car can be quite cheap.

Yes...there are ways and means.

4th Aug 2006, 22:29

Yes I to have been amazed by my two money pit 98 volvo S70's, one T5 one GLT. One of the biggest problems have been costly brake jobs. I have never seen brake parts for less than 100. dollars even from a close mechanic friend. I got less than 10,000 miles. from after market rotors once after they warped badly. I stuck to Volvo rotors after that. Both of my Volvo's have had numerous repeat problems with electrical, water valves on emission pumps (gotta replace whole pump) at 4 to 5 hundred dollars every 50 to 60 thousand miles. Replaced steering rack on GLT at 90,000 miles. 900. dollars. I will say they get very good gas mileage for the size of the car and the motors are well built. Good for a couple hundred thousand miles, but it will cost you to get there. I got really tired of one always being in the shop so I traded in the T5 for a Nissan Maxima (12,0000 trouble free miles on it) and I still own the GLT with 102,000 miles. on it. Its gotta make it one more year of college.

6th Sep 2006, 17:40

Guys, I have a S70 Base with manual tranny.

Car has 117 K miles on it and drives like brand new. Very tight body and motor.

Looks like most of you are being ripped off at the dealer.

I work 45 hours a week too at the office, but I know how to do basic things, like wires, brakes and tune ups if I have to, and I will not let someone charge me 500 for a brake job.

Just do some research and don't be afraid to turn a wrench, you are MEN aren't you?/?? What is this world coming to?

And no, I am not a farmer, I do have a Masters and I make a good living in NYC.

Also I had my share of fast cars, Lincolns and Benzes. And I am only 27.

Sometimes I choose to get dirty, and sometimes I will let someone do the work for me, BUT NEVER will I get ripped off at a shop by a guy who is trying to fee his kids on my account.

Care to comment?? Write to me Tbilisi79@yahoo.com


17th Jul 2007, 12:20

I purchased two Volvo's at the same time. One, the S80 (1999) T6, was purchased brand new, and the S70 (1998), had 16k on it.

The S80 has been trouble free, while the S70 has been... well not a lemon, but it is definitely in the citrus family. I have 130k on it the vehicle, and have probably spent 8-10k in repairs post the extended warranty. I have had two major repairs on the moon roof, electrical switches blow out on a regular basis, I have had several full brake jobs, including the calipers once, around every 17k miles, replaced radio, had to fix the A/C, replace the door lock switches 3X, the power window switches. And have had to replace door panels where the pleather (plastic leather) separated and ballooned out.

Admittedly, I had a lot of the work done on my extended warranty, but still it has been a very expensive car to own. If I didn't have the warranty, the car would have been sold at 60k miles.

The good thing is that it's a fun car to drive... a lot of pep even in the base engine model, handles well and gets very good gas mileage (22-24 MPG combined) on 87 Octane gasoline. I like the car, but have issues with the repairs. Currently I have to replace the brakes again, and of course the rotors and I need struts all around. The dealer wants $2400.00 for the struts and about a grand for the brakes. So, I'm thinking of saying good bye and getting an Audi.

If you are thinking of buying a S70 1998 vehicle, I would recommend that you buy one from a dealer or a person who can supply a repair record for you to look at. If the car has had multiple owners, take a pass. Good luck.

19th Jul 2007, 04:59

I can't say enough praise about my 1998 S70 - it is fantastic! At 131,000 miles, it is only just run in and I know that I can trust it to drive anywhere. No problems what so ever and feels better than new. I have all the toys and all the toys work! Bargain cars for what they are and would highly recommend.